Lob-Star and Winterfest Lob-Star – Skylander Review

Lob-Star and Winterfest Lob-Star – Skylander Review

Lob-Star and Winterfest Lob-Star - Skylander Review Lob-StarLob-Star is a new Water Trap Master making his debut in Trap Team. Lob-Star also has a special Christmas variant called Winterfest Lob-Star.  Lob-Star comes from an undersea kingdom called Star City. He was the owner and head chef of a five-star restaurant. His food was so good, he even cooked for the King Fish. In his spare time, however, he secretly trained in a mysterious art of fighting that few of his kind had ever seen. He kept this secret for a long time, but one day a giant Leviathan threatened to swallow up all of Lob-Star’s guests including the King Fish. Lob-Star had no choice but to reveal his secret abilities and he used his mysterious training to defeat the Leviathan and drive him out of Star City. Master Eon took note and recruited Lob-Star to join the Skylanders. Now with his powerful Traptanium Throwing Stars, Lob-Star protects the Skylands as a Trap Master.

Lob-Star is a unique looking Crustacean. He holds two gigantic throwing stars, so it’s easy to guess that his main attack will probably involve throwing them. It’s hard toLob-Star and Winterfest Lob-Star - Skylander Review Winterfest determine what kind of creature Lob-Star is, but with a pointed crab-leg looking spike coming out of his head and spiky shelled armor he does remind you of some kind of crab creature. However, given his secret training, his ninja mask, and his crustacean shell like armor, it’s conceivable that it is all just hiding his true identity. He even has a starfish attached to his body to provide more armor. The regular version of Lob-Star has a mix of dark and light blue color which solidifies his association with the water element. Winterfest Lob-Star, on the other hand, has been colored red and white and appears to be wearing the equivalent to a Santa suit. He even has colored lights in his white starfish beard. Without a doubt Winterfest Lob-Star is festive looking. Regardless of which character you choose, they each will have the same moves.

Lob-Star’s main attack is called Starshooter and does indeed involve throwing his Traptanium Stars. This is a pretty good long range attack. The stars are quick and they can travel almost across the entire screen. However, they can be a little weak. Stronger enemies, especially in groups, will most likely survive the long distance barrage and still make their way to Lob-Star. That’s when he can use one of his other close combat attacks. One of those is called Boiling Temper. In this attack, Lob-Star releases some of his boiling power in a steam blast that damages any enemies near him. After an upgrade, Lob-Star could also use the Lob-Star Roll which is a dash attack where he spears his enemies with his big crab like horn. This attack is both powerful and effective in running away from immediate danger. Lob-Star also has a Boiling Mode. When you hold down the button for his Boiling Temper attack for a few seconds he will become boiled. In this mode he will throw stars faster, move faster and have a reserve of boil power that he can use to steam blast his enemies. If he has the Lob-Star Roll and Lob-Star Express upgrades then he will perform those dash attacks faster and in the case of the Lob-Star Express, will release a blast of steam when he is done with his dash.

Lob-Star and Winterfest Lob-Star - Skylander Review ScreenshotLob-Star has two main upgrade paths to choose from. The first is called Shooting Star and focuses on increasing his Sharpshooter attacks. One upgrade will increase the damage of the Throwing Stars while also letting them cut through enemies, giving you a chance to damage a group of enemies with each throw. Another upgrade will allow Lob-Star to shoot two Traptanium stars at once. However, it takes a while to charge this move, and in the end only acts like a more powerful star throw since both stars hit the same target. You might be able to do more damage by not charging the throw and just rapidly firing more stars. The last upgrade is called Star Defense and will allow three Traptanium Stars to appear to rotate around Lob-Star for a short period of time, protecting Lob-Star by damaging any enemy that is near by. The other upgrade path is called Hard Boiled and focuses on increasing his Boiling Temper attacks. Upgrades in this path allow him to automatically release a steam blast any time he is damaged by an enemy, use less steam power per attack, and can leave a trail of steam behind him after the Lob-Star Roll attack. His soul gem is pretty useful, but it’s not too spectacular. It’s called The Boiler and it improves all of his boiling temper attacks. Basically, while boiled, he’ll throw stars even faster, release more damaging steam, and damage enemies even more with his attacks. When charging Boiling Temper with the Soul Gem ability it will also add a devastating jumping slam attack once he has boiled.

Overall Lob-Star is a fun Trap Master to use. No one of his attacks are super powerful, but when used with some strategy, he can be a great character to use. You’ll want to make sure he is boiled if you want to get the most out of him, and the combination of his long range star attack with his Lob-Star Roll attack will be what you want to use the most. Either upgrade path is probably fine to choose. It’s hard to notice the steam blast attacks helping that much, but the Full Steam Ahead upgrade in the Hard Boiled path leaves a trail of steam behind Lob-Star which seems pretty useful. The ability to throw stars faster and having them spin around your body from the Shooting Star path is also pretty useful. Choosing your path will just depends on which attack you find yourself using the most. Personally if you only wanted to get one Lob-Star, I would go for the Winterfest Lob-Star just because his Christmas color scheme is very colorful and festive.

SkylanderNutts gives Lob-Star and Winterfest Lob-Star…

7.5 out of 10

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