"Time to Shine!"

Spotlight was discovered by Master Eon in the Prismatic Palace, where the Portal Master had ventured seeking the Crystal Orb of Light. Upon finding the Orb, Eon reached out and gently touched it – causing a brilliant light to emanate in all directions. Having been infused with Eon’s magic, the Orb glowed magnificently. And when Eon slowly lowered his hand from his shielded eyes, Spotlight stood before him in a respectful bow. Her power of Light was unknown to him, for it was not of the eight common Elements in Skylands. But sensing that the Ancients sent her to him for a reason, he took her to the Core of Light and trained her to defend it as a member of the Skylanders. And when none other than evil Portal Master Kaos destroyed it – she vanished!

Spotlight is a new core Light Element Skylander for Trap Team. She can be found in a single character pack.

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Meet Spotlight w/Brawl and Chain

Power Play: Spotlight


    Card Stats
In Game Stats
Attack:70  Max Health270
Defense: 120  Speed60
Speed:60  Armor36
Luck:130  Critical Hit20
  Elemental Power35


All Attacks
Eye BeamsPress Attack 1 to fire concentrated beams of light.Free
Halo RingsPress Attack 2 to release Halo Rings, which damage enemies and refract Eye Beams.Free
Bright EyesEye Beams do more damage. 500 Gold
Heavenly AuraPress Attack 3 to create a Heavenly Aura, damaging enemies inside. 700 Gold
The Halo EffectHitting enemies with Halo Rings slows them down. 900 Gold
Hello HalosCan have more Halo Rings active at a time.1200 Gold
Aura ChargeShoot a Heavenly Aura with Eye Beams to power it up and do more damage. 1700 Gold
Light It UpEye Beams do even MORE damage and have longer range.2200 Gold
BlingShoot two Halo Rings at once. 3000 Gold
The Ringer
Heavy HaloHalo Rings are larger and do more damage.
1700 Gold
Ring ShotHalo Rings shoot light beams of their own. 2200 Gold
Uplifting ExperienceLight enemies caught in Halo Rings up with the Heavenly Aura.3000 Gold
Soul Gem Ability
Light DragonsShoot a Heavenly Aura with Eye Beams to create Light Dragons who attack enemies.4000 Gold

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