Skylanders Day at GameStop 1/11/2014

Skylanders DayGameStop has announced that Saturday January 11th will be another “Skylanders Day”. For one day only customer’s can take advantage of some special promotions such as:

  • The first 25 customers will receive an exclusive Skylanders Poster.
  • Free Skylanders Mini for every $20 spent on Skylanders products. (Giant versions pictured)
  • All Swap Force Starter Packs will be $20 off.
  • Save 50% off any Skylanders Accessory.
  • Save $10 off any Swap Force Starter pack when trading in any previous Skylanders Portal.
  • 30% extra trade in credit towards any Swap Force Starter Pack.

There is no mention of having any new Wave 3 Skylanders, but hopefully this sale will also see the release of a few new characters. I think they did this same thing last year right after some new characters were released. For more information checkout GameStop’s webpage here:

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Cheap Skylander Stuff at Target

Cheap Skylander StuffI was browsing my local Target yesterday when I noticed that they had some cheap Skylander stuff in their $1 bins near the front entrance. Some of it was actually $1 while a few items were priced at $3. All of them would be great for the Skylander child in your family. Here is a list of what I saw.


  • A pack of three Skylander Roller Stamp markers. $1 (pictured)Cheap Skylander Stuff Socks
  • A pack of Skylanders colored markers. $1 (not pictured)
  • A pack of Skylander pencils. $1 (not pictured)
  • A Skylander wallet. $1 (pictured)
  • Skylander Socks child size 6-8. $1 a pair (pictured)
  • Skylander Tatoos. $1 (not pictured)
  • A pack of Skylander stickers. $1 (not pictured)
  • Skylander Lenticular Journal Set. $3 (pictured)
  • Skylander Stationary Pack including 2 notebooks, ruler, 2 pencils, an erasure and a pencil case. $3 (not pictured)
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Some Wave 3 Characters Released at Toys R Us

Some of the Wave 3 Wave 3 Dune Bugcharacters of Skylanders Swap Force have been released at Toys R Us as of 12/22. I went to a couple stores and saw a total of five newly released Skylanders. All of them were core characters, and only one of those was a brand new series one character. These are the five characters that I’ve seen:

Dune Bug
Hyper Beam Prism Break
Phantom Cynder
Horn Blast Whirlwind

There may be more characters out there, but I have not seen any different ones in the Toys R Us commercials and advertisements that I’ve seen. I’m sure more of Wave 3 will hit the shelves after Christmas, but these may be the only ones you can grab before Christmas.

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