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Pop Thorn
"Straight to the Point!"

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Pop Thorn hails from a race of creatures known as Pufferthorns. Often considered one of the cutest creatures in all of Skylands, they are generally quite timid and puff out sharp spines when scared. It is this ability that long ago led to the unfortunate legacy of being used as combs by giant trolls everywhere, being the sharp spines are perfect for brushing out tangles from their long, matted hair. But not long ago, one Pufferthorn took a stand. Tired of his race being used for nothing more than good grooming, Pop Thorn used his naturally thorny abilities to stand up and fight back against the giant trolls. Soon after, Master Eon made Pop Thorn a Skylander. And to this day, no trolls dare to comb their hair.

Pop Thorn is a new Air Skylander debuting in Swap Force.

Pop Thorn is a Wave 1 release Skylander that can only be acquired with the Tower of Time Adventure Pack.

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Tower of Time Adventure Pack Unboxing

(Featuring Pop Thorn):


    Card Stats
In Game Stats
Attack:90  Max Health280
Defense: 110  Speed43
Speed:45  Armor24
Luck:65  Critical Hit6
  Elemental Power25


All Attacks
PuffPress Attack 1 to Puff and damage nearby enemies. While puffed, rapidly press Attack 1 to shoot out homing spikes at nearby enemies.Free
PopPress Attack 2 to Pop and shoot a large wind blast. While popped, hold Attack 2 to shoot gusts of wind at enemies.Free
Fresh BreathPress Attack 2 to Pop. After popping, hold Attack 2 to shoot more powerful air projectiles for a short time.500 Gold
Puffball PoundPress Attack 1 to Puff. Press Attack 3 while puffed to slam into the ground, damaging all nearby enemies.700 Gold
Polished SpikesPress Attack 1 to Puff. After puffing, press Attack 1 rapidly to shoot more powerful spike projectiles for a short time.900 Gold
Wind TrapWhile popped, press Attack 3 to leave behind a spiny mine. The mine puffs and explodes when enemies approach, launching them into the air.1200 Gold
Tough and Puffed Path
RollerpuffWhile puffed, hold Attack 3 to roll forward, damaging all enemies in the way.1700 Gold
BouncebackPuffing deals increased damage and reflects nearby projectiles.2200 Gold
Prickly BodyWhile puffed, taking damage releases a spike projectile that damages an attacker.3000 Gold
Controlled Breather Path
Aero TrampolineWhile puffed, hold Attack 3 to charge a powerful slam attack, release to bounce multiple times, damaging all enemies in the way.1700 Gold
Deep BreathWhile puffed, press Attack 2 to shoot three air blasts instead of one.2200 Gold
Scattered WindsWhile popped, air beams now shoot multiple projectiles that spread.3000 Gold
Soul Gem Ability
To Puff or Not To PuffWhile popped, speed is increased. While puffed, armor is increased, which reduces damage taken.4000 Gold

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