Pop Thorn – Character Review

Pop Thorn - Character ReviewPop Thorn is a new core Air Skylander for Skylanders Swap Force that only comes with the Tower of Time Adventure Pack. He is a creature called a Pufferthorn which sort of resembles a puffer fish. Like a puffer fish he has a puffed state where he is bigger, slower, and uses his spikes as an attack. His other state is popped or deflated where he is faster and uses his breath for an attack. He is a simple looking figure with a light and dark blue color and a yellow underside. He is covered in spikes and has two little wings which help him fly and move in his puffed state. Pufferthorns are known for their quiet and timid nature and this comes across in his pose. He holds no weapon and he doesn’t look very menacing. The only thing you can tell is that he has spikes which look like they are used for defense. Make sure you check out our unboxing video where you can see his spikes in action. Overall his look is somewhat unique but rather plain.

If you haven’t really though much of Pop Thorn because he doesn’t look like he’s powerful or exciting then you will be in for a big surprise when you play with him. A fully upgraded Pop Thorn might be the most powerful and dominating core Skylander that I have used. He is one of my go-to characters whenever I need to get through a difficult part. His basic attack while puffed is to shoot spikes at his enemies. These spikes are homing spikes which means they will always hit an enemy, no matter which direction you are moving. If you need to move faster to get out of trouble, then you want to “pop” and become smaller. This removes the spike attack but adds a wind attack similar to Spyro’s fire breath. Many of his upgrades are also not very exciting but they are extremely useful and powerful. Spike attacks become more powerful and add more spikes. Wind attacks become more powerful and can add multiple blasts at one time. He can even learn a Mario like ground pound which will damage and knock back all of the nearby enemies. The ability to attack with spikes from at a distance or while running away is very powerful. But combine that with an upgraded wind blast that occurs when you “pop” or a ground pound if too many enemies close in and Pop Thorn can clear an area in record time.

Despite Pop Thorns lack of Flash or complicated attacks, Pop Thorn deserves to be in every Portal Masters army.

10 out of 10


Pop Thorn’s Video Review


Pop Thorn’s Stats

    Card Stats
In Game Stats
Attack:90  Max Health280
Defense: 110  Speed43
Speed:45  Armor24
Luck:65  Critical Hit6
  Elemental Power25

Pop Thorn’s Attacks

All Attacks
PuffPress Attack 1 to Puff and damage nearby enemies. While puffed, rapidly press Attack 1 to shoot out homing spikes at nearby enemies.Free
PopPress Attack 2 to Pop and shoot a large wind blast. While popped, hold Attack 2 to shoot gusts of wind at enemies.Free
Fresh BreathPress Attack 2 to Pop. After popping, hold Attack 2 to shoot more powerful air projectiles for a short time.500 Gold
Puffball PoundPress Attack 1 to Puff. Press Attack 3 while puffed to slam into the ground, damaging all nearby enemies.700 Gold
Polished SpikesPress Attack 1 to Puff. After puffing, press Attack 1 rapidly to shoot more powerful spike projectiles for a short time.900 Gold
Wind TrapWhile popped, press Attack 3 to leave behind a spiny mine. The mine puffs and explodes when enemies approach, launching them into the air.1200 Gold
Tough and Puffed Path
RollerpuffWhile puffed, hold Attack 3 to roll forward, damaging all enemies in the way.1700 Gold
BouncebackPuffing deals increased damage and reflects nearby projectiles.2200 Gold
Prickly BodyWhile puffed, taking damage releases a spike projectile that damages an attacker.3000 Gold
Controlled Breather Path
Aero TrampolineWhile puffed, hold Attack 3 to charge a powerful slam attack, release to bounce multiple times, damaging all enemies in the way.1700 Gold
Deep BreathWhile puffed, press Attack 2 to shoot three air blasts instead of one.2200 Gold
Scattered WindsWhile popped, air beams now shoot multiple projectiles that spread.3000 Gold
Soul Gem Ability
To Puff or Not To PuffWhile popped, speed is increased. While puffed, armor is increased, which reduces damage taken.4000 Gold
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