Wave 3 Swap Force Release List

Wave 3 Swap Force Stink BombIt’s been long rumored what characters for Wave 3 Swap Force might contain for the US, but based on some stores getting in a very few characters before Christmas, it looks like a widespread Wave 3 release is right around the corner. Here is a list of what is rumored to be in Wave 3 and those characters that have already appeared on store shelves for a very brief period of time. I have personally seen all of the core Skylanders as they were released to Toys R Us first. I have heard rumors that Target had the three Swapable Skylanders, but I have not seen them, and I have heard nothing of the lightcores or other packs actually being in the wild yet.

Update: It appears that once again Toys R Us has priority. As of Tuesday 1/7/14, I have seen all of the Wave 3 Skylanders at my local Toys R Us as they just got a new shipment. A quick look online does not show any Wave 3 characters at any other retailers yet including Amazon.


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Some Wave 3 Characters Released at Toys R Us

Some of the Wave 3 Wave 3 Dune Bugcharacters of Skylanders Swap Force have been released at Toys R Us as of 12/22. I went to a couple stores and saw a total of five newly released Skylanders. All of them were core characters, and only one of those was a brand new series one character. These are the five characters that I’ve seen:

Dune Bug
Hyper Beam Prism Break
Phantom Cynder
Horn Blast Whirlwind

There may be more characters out there, but I have not seen any different ones in the Toys R Us commercials and advertisements that I’ve seen. I’m sure more of Wave 3 will hit the shelves after Christmas, but these may be the only ones you can grab before Christmas.

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