Dune Bug – Metallic Red Surfaces at NY Toy Fair 2014

Dune Bug - Metallic RedSo far each year of the NY Toy Fair brings us a new exclusive Toy Fair edition Skylander. These are extremely rare as they are limited to attendees of the Toy Fair and they usually sell for hundreds on eBay. In 2012 the Toy Fair brought us one of the first colored variants with Cynder – Metallic Purple. Then in 2013 the show brought us Chop Chop Series 2 – Metallic Blue. This year the Toy Fair special colored variant is going to be Dune Bug – Metallic Red. This news broke on Ghostroaster.com who is actually at the toy fair. You can read their article here:

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Some Wave 3 Characters Released at Toys R Us

Some of the Wave 3 Wave 3 Dune Bugcharacters of Skylanders Swap Force have been released at Toys R Us as of 12/22. I went to a couple stores and saw a total of five newly released Skylanders. All of them were core characters, and only one of those was a brand new series one character. These are the five characters that I’ve seen:

Dune Bug
Hyper Beam Prism Break
Phantom Cynder
Horn Blast Whirlwind

There may be more characters out there, but I have not seen any different ones in the Toys R Us commercials and advertisements that I’ve seen. I’m sure more of Wave 3 will hit the shelves after Christmas, but these may be the only ones you can grab before Christmas.

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