Dune Bug – Metallic Red

Dune Bug - Metallic Red
"Can't Beat the Beetle!"

Hailing from a race of beetles changed by the powerful secrets hidden in a buried Arkeyan city, Dune Bug was next in line to become the defender of those secrets. As a small pupa, Dune Bug and his father would travel to the ruins where he learned to read the ancient writings using his father's magic staff. On the day Dune Bug was to be given his own magic staff, the city fell under attack by the evil Sand Mages of Doom, who were after the secret Arkeyan tomes. Knowing what he had to do, Dune Bug used his magic to defeat the Mages and bury the city deeper into the ground until it was forever out of their reach. Dune Bug earned his magic staff that day - and a place alongside the Skylanders.

Dune Bug - Metallic Red is a very limited special variant of Dune Bug for Skylanders Swap Force. It was exclusive to the 2014 Toy Fair held in New York City. This is the third character that Activision has given out at the Toy Fair.

Other NY Toy Fair figures include Cynder - Metallic Purple (2012), Chop Chop Series 2 - Metallic Blue (2013).

Other trade show figures include: Spyro - Chrome (E3 2012), Hex - Pearl (Toy Fair Nuremberg 2012),  Hot Dog - Color Shift (E3 2013), Gill Grunt Series 2 - Metallic Green (GameStop Expo 2013).

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