Wave 3 Skylanders now in stock at Amazon.com

Wave 3 Skylanders - Prism BreakThe big dog now has Wave 3 Skylanders. That’s right Amazon.com sent out a press release today announcing that all wave 3 Skylanders are now in stock (in the US). However, there list of available Skylanders is either wrong, wishful thinking, or already sold out of some of them. None of the swapable characters seem to be available (yet? or anymore?), nor any of the lightcores, nor any of the new Triple Packs. The five core characters are available though as well as the battle pack and adventure pack.

What was available (at the writing of this article):

It’s hard to say if the rest of them will just appear in the next couple days, or if we’ll have another long wait to find them on Amazon. Either way if you’ve been waiting on Amazon to get them in, you can now grab some of them. Keep tabs on Amazon’s page of Wave 3 characters here:

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