Wave 3 SuperChargers are Out!

Skylanders Superchargers wave 3Well, over the last few weeks we’ve seen the trickle of Wave 3 Characters hitting store shelves for Skylanders SuperChargers. So far they are mostly at Toys R Us and GameStop, but I think they’ll show up soon at other retailers. Some are “First at GameStop” so it’s hard to say when those will hit other retailers. Anyway, we’ve been waiting for the Wave 3 vehicles to come out for a couple of weeks now and I thought we were destined to wait until after Christmas. However, after going to my local Toys R Us this morning, I find that I was wrong. They have indeed begun to make their way on to store shelves at least at Toys R Us. So if you are looking for some new Skylanders or that last minute Christmas gift, get your eyes open and stay vigilant, because you’ll most likely find something new.  

Here are the individual packs that is in Wave 3 so far. I expect we might see some dual packs, or triple packs trickle out on to store shelves as well as they tend to trail the individual character releases.

New SuperChargers

Hurricane Jet-VacHurricane Jet-Vac
NightfallNightfall (First at GameStop)
Missile-Tow Dive-ClopsMissile-Tow Dive-Clops (First at GameStop)
Big Bubble Pop FizzBig Bubble Pop Fizz
Lava Lance EruptorLava Lance Eruptor
Legendary Bone Bash Roller BrawlLegendary Bone Bash Roller Brawl

New Vehicles

Splatter SplasherSplatter Splasher
Thump TruckThump Truck
Shield StrikerShield Striker

Multi Packs

Shield StrikerSuperChargers Dual Pack 3
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3 thoughts on “Wave 3 SuperChargers are Out!”

  1. Wave 3 vehicles came out on December 1st at my local toys r us in Santa Maria ca, also heard a rumor of nightfall and mt diveclops making there way to toys r us soon, hopefully we see the double packs of bb pop fizz and soda skimmer and bb roller brawl and her jeep around Xmas. Also do you think the regular Kaos trophy will be released wave 4 or 5

    • Yes, I would expect Nightfall and Missile-Tow Dive-Clops to show up at Toys R Us and maybe other retailers before Christmas. As for the double packs…that’s hard to say. I remember last year the light and dark expansion packs were released on the 22nd of December. However, I don’t think double packs are in as much demand, so I’m not sure if they will really hit the shelves before Christmas or not even if they do contain a new character. It always feels like the multipacks are afterthoughts. As for the Kaos trophy? My guess would be in Wave 5. I can see Wave 5 being the last character or two, a couple new multipacks, and other odds and ends like the Kaos Trophy and any single pack character releases of characters that were in the starter pack or racing packs, if they even do that this year.

      • They can’t release the superchargers in the trophy packs with out the trophy. Gill grunts and astronlasts supercharger mission is locked on the trophy. Not a lot of people know about that yet. You can test it yourself by playing on a different profile and putting on only the supercharger and vehicle that come on a trophy pack and try there supercharger vehicle mission and it will prompt you to put a trophy on to unlock the track


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