Missile-Tow Dive-Clops

Missile-Toe Dive-Clops
"Look Out Below!"

Dive-Clops is the twin brother of Eye-Brawl. When he was young, his batwings were blasted off by pirates while flying over the Swirling Sea, causing him to plunge into the abyss below. After rolling on the bottom for several days, he was discovered by an underwater civilization of Jelly Dwarves. They were instantly fascinated by the bizarre looking eyeball and took him back to their Corral Castle, where they built him a magnificent dive suit that would allow him explore the depths of the sea. But everything changed when Dive- Clops decided to venture to the mysterious Whirlpool of Destiny deep within the ocean. As he got closer, he suddenly felt pulled by its immense power, and reemerged to discover that thousands of years had passed! Now with his destiny before him as a member of the Skylanders, Dive-Clops lets the minions of Kaos know that there are many dangers of the deep.

Missile-Tow Dive-Clops is the 2015 Winter Holiday variant of Dive-Clops for Skylanders SuperChargers. He follows in the footsteps of other Holiday favorites such as Winterfest Lob-Star and Jolly Bumble Blast. He will be sold first by GameStop before hitting other retailers.


    Card Stats
In Game Stats
Attack:175  Max Health300
Defense: 285  Speed35
Speed:100  Armor30
Luck:240  Critical Hit6
  Elemental Power25


All Attacks
WaterpedoPress Attack 1 to shoot a Waterpedo that creates a mine that damages enemies close to it and explodes when hit with Sonar.Free
SonarPress Attack 2 to create a sonar ping that damages enemies around you and causes Waterpedo mines to explode.Free
Put The Eye In GeyserPress Attack 3 to unleash a geyser that pushed enemies back. Press Attack 3 again to end the geyser.500 Gold
Echo EnhancersIncrease the range and damage of Sonar.700 Gold
Power Of The PupilWhile using Geyser, press Attack 1 or Attack 2 to perform special attacks.
Prerequisite: Put The Eye In Geyser
900 Gold
PingHold Attack 2 and release to shoot existing Waterpedoes and mines upon the targeted enemy or location.1200 Gold
Tidal Torpedoes Path
TorpeslowPress Attack 1 to fire Waterpedoes that create mines which slow the movement of enemies close to the mine.1700 Gold
Mark II WaterpedoWaterpedoes and Waterpedo mines do more damage.2200 Gold
Neato WaterpedoEvery other torpedo is a super Waterpedo that does more damage.3000 Gold
Dousing Dowser Path
Sonar SmartsEnemies hit with Sonar take more damage from Waterpedoes for a short amount of time.1700 Gold
Counter MeasuresAutomatically send out a small sonar pulse when hit that will damage nearby enemies.2200 Gold
Hatch Off To YouGeyser does more damage and can be used longer. 3000 Gold
Soul Gem Ability
Depth of FieldHold Attack 1 and release to shoot a huge cluster of Waterpedo mines.4000 Gold

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