"The Art of War!"

Splat grew up in a typical faun village, which was perfectly manicured and orderly. Every day in school, she and her classmates would recite the same poems, play the same music, and paint the same picture – which was always a portrait of their great ancestor, Fluty Hoofdancer. But this didn’t suit Splat. The only art she wanted to learn was the art of war! After school, she would sneak off to the river and practice her own free form fighting technique against Chompies and other creatures that were causing trouble. When the elder fauns learned of this, were outraged. But soon thereafter, a band of Drow attacked the village to steal their valuable art, and while the other fauns cowered in fear, Splat stood her ground. Unleashing her self-taught fighting style, she defended her village and sent the Drow running. Now as a member of the Skylanders, Splat makes quite the impression wherever she goes!

Splat is a new Magic SuperCharger Skylander debuting in Skylanders SuperChargers. His signature vehicle is the Splatter Splasher.


    Card Stats
In Game Stats
Attack:120  Max Health240
Defense: 120  Speed43
Speed:260  Armor6
Luck:200  Critical Hit4
  Elemental Power25


All Attacks
Artisan ArtsPress Attack 1 to pummel enemies with your brush staff.Free
Heave Hue!Press Attack 2 to fling an explosive ink blob at enemies.Free
Have an InklingPress Attack 3 to send an Inkling charging forward, leaving damaging ink pools behind and hitting enemies in the way!500 Gold
Dye HardMelee attacks do more damage to enemies.700 Gold
Broad StrokesPress Attack 2 to fling an even larger explosive ink blob at enemies.900 Gold
Scape-GoatPress Attack 3 to summon a more powerful Inkling that leaves behind longer lasting ink pools.
Prerequisite: Have an Inkling
1200 Gold
Prolific Painter Path
Wet PaintHold Attack 2 and release to throw a huge explosive ink blob that leaves a pool of damaging ink on the ground.1700 Gold
Canvas the AreaInk pools created by Wet Paint are now larger.
Prerequisite: Wet Paint
2200 Gold
Shades of PainHold Attack 2 and release to throw a huge explosive ink blob that creates a large angry ink monster that attacks nearby enemies.3000 Gold
Abstract Designer Path
Running ColorsInkling creatures now charge a further distance to hit enemies.1700 Gold
Stroke of GeniusInklings and ink pools left behind by Inklings will now explode!2200 Gold
Graffiti GruffHold Attack 3 even longer and release to draw a huge Inkling that will trample enemies in front of you.3000 Gold
Soul Gem Ability
Bringing the StainEnemies hit with ink attacks are now slowed!4000 Gold

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