Splatter Splasher

Splatter Splasher SuperCharged

The Splatter Splasher is a high speed hydro-craft that leaves evil floating in its wake! With its ultra-slick armor and underwater enchantment, Splat’s custom ride is a force to be reckoned with above and below the surface!

The Splatter Splasher is Splat's signature vehicle in Skylanders SuperChargers.


Splatter Splasher Stats, Attacks and Mods
StatsWeapon and Shield Upgrade Costs
Splatter Splasher StatsSlot 1300 Gold
Slot 2350 Gold
Slot 3400 Gold
Slot 4450 Gold
Slot 5500 Gold
Oiled InkTap Attack 1 to paint your targets.
Inkling InterceptorTap Attack 3 to fire a paint bomb that leaves an inkling that attacks nearby enemies.
Performance ModsSpecialty Mods
Easel Exhausts+10 AccelerationSpeed Sculpture+300 Armor
Abstract Driller+10 Top SpeedInk Jets+10 Acceleration
Modern Hydros+10 HandlingAcrylic Spoiler+10 Top Speed
Watercolor Mixer+300 Armor,
+5 Top Speed,
-10 Handling,
+5 Weight
Paint Palette Wheel+10 Handling
Horn Options
Brittle WhistleAirbrush HornGraffiti ClamorHue Tone

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