"Dark and Dangerous!"

Nightfall was a Dreadwalker from Fogshadow Tower, a mysterious fortress in the middle of the Poison Sea. While most Dreadwalkers stayed within the noxious cloud they called home, Nightfall preferred to dive into the black abyss and hunt the dark monsters that threatened her people. One day, as she was exploring a deep cavern in her submarine, the Sea Shadow, Nightfall came upon an enormous object that pulsed with a strange energy. It was gigantic, and before she could comprehend what she was looking at, it hatched! Out came a creature 100 times larger than anything she had ever seen! She fired the engines and raced back to warn her people. Just as the last citizens boarded an evacuation ship, the colossal head of the Leviathan broke the surface of the water and let out a terrible roar! Without hesitation, Nightfall rushed towards the monster, blasting it with everything she had while the others made their escape. This act of heroism caught the attention of Master Eon, and the rest is Skylander history!

Nightfall is a new Dark SuperCharger for Skylanders SuperChargers. His signature vehicle is the Sea Shadow.

Nightfall Review with Sea Shadow

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    Card Stats
In Game Stats
Attack:200  Max Health230
Defense: 150  Speed43
Speed:190  Armor6
Luck:160  Critical Hit10
  Elemental Power25


All Attacks
Handy HooksPress Attack 1 to perform a flurry of right and left hooks.Free
AmbrushPress Attack 2 to dash forward or behind enemies.Free
Whip LashPress Attack 3 to unleash a strand of dark energy that whips enemies and knocks them into the air. Using Whip Lash in the air knocks enemies down.500 Gold
Split Hook EndsNew hooks cause melee attacks to do more damage.700 Gold
Hair Today, Gone NowDamage enemies at the start of Ambrush and move faster during it.900 Gold
Layered LungeThe first hook melee attack after an Ambrush is guaranteed to critically strike.1200 Gold
Master Angler Path
Splitting HairsHold Attack 1 and release to unleash a devastating combo of hook and dark energy attacks.1700 Gold
Comb-oEvery fourth attack in the basic melee combo does more damage.2200 Gold
Playing HookyPress Attack 1 during Ambrush to deal more damage in a larger area on exit.3000 Gold
Dread Head Path
Ambrush RushHold Attack 2 to Ambrush and shoot strands of dark energy towards enemies.1700 Gold
Up-SweepKnock enemies into the air at the end of Ambrush.2200 Gold
Vast VolumePress Attack 3 to send three strands of dark energy out to knock more enemies into the air during Whip Lash.3000 Gold
Soul Gem Ability
Bad Hair DayTap Attack 3 repeatedly to knock all enemies into the air in an area. Continue tapping Attack 3 to increase the area and knock all enemies down to the ground.4000 Gold

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