Shield Striker

Shield Striker


The Shield Striker is the ultimate weapon against evil. Heavily armored and surging with electricity, High-Volt's high-powered machine is geared up to enforce justice on anything that stands in its way!

Shield Striker is the signature vehicle for High Volt in Skylanders SuperChargers.


Shield Striker Stats, Attacks and Mods
StatsWeapon and Shield Upgrade Costs
Shield Striker StatsSlot 1800 Gold
Slot 2900 Gold
Slot 31000 Gold
Slot 41100 Gold
Slot 51200 Gold
Crowd ControlHold Attack 1 to shoot a steady stream of electricity.
Doomproof ForcefieldPress and hold Attack 3 to protect yourself with an electromagnetic shield and collect far away gear bits. Release to explode the shield and damage nearby enemies.
Performance ModsSpecialty Mods
Troll Patroller-150 Armor,
+5 Top Speed,
+5 Acceleration,
+5 Handling
Tactical Viewer+15 Acceleration,
-5 Weight
Chompy Guard+5 Acceleration,
+10 Handling
Lightium Lamps+15 Handling
Full Metal Fender+450 Armor,
-10 Acceleration,
+5 Weight
Fitted Tank Top+300 Armor,
-10 Handling,
+10 Weight
High Speed Pursuer+10 Top Speed,
+10 Acceleration
Lightning Strikers+15 Top Speed
Horn Options
RedirectorsShield SirensBattery BuzzGrinding Gears

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