High Volt

High Volt
"Protect and Surge!"

High Volt was once a commander of a special security force that was in charge of patrolling the border of Skylands and the mysterious uncharted region known as the Outlands. From atop the Shockspire Tower, their security headquarters, High Volt vigilantly monitored any strange activity beyond the border, knowing that Kaos and his minions were up to no good. Over the years, he had defended Skylands from countless Greeble attacks, Troll uprisings, and even a few evil food chains that were attempting to expand. But on a recent patrol mission into the Outlands, High Volt discovered a heavily guarded construction site, where Kaos' minions appeared to be building a colossal Doomstation of Ultimate Destruction! Realizing at once that all of Skylines was in danger, he raced to the Skylanders Academy to inform Master Eon and joined the Skylanders in their fight to stop it!

High Volt is a new Tech SuperCharger Skylander debuting in Skylanders SuperChargers. His signature vehicle is the Shield Striker!


    Card Stats
In Game Stats
Attack:200  Max Health260
Defense: 230  Speed50
Speed:150  Armor24
Luck:120  Critical Hit2
  Elemental Power25


All Attacks
Static SpearPress Attack 1 rapidly to perform melee attacks with your Static Spear.Free
Shock-it ShieldHold Attack 2 to block attacks. Gain charges when hit and release Attack 2 to release the charges in a big blast that damages nearby enemies.Free
Traveling LightHold Attack 3 to throw your Static Spear and create an electric beam that damages enemies caught between you and the spear.500 Gold
Quick CurrentsWhile using Traveling Light, you will gain a huge movement increase!700 Gold
Insulated IronUpgrade your armor to help against enemy attacks!900 Gold
Amped LampHold Attack 1 to charge up your spear, release to cause a huge electric explosion that damages nearby enemies.1200 Gold
Light Fighter Path
Bring Into LightEnemies caught inside your electric beam will be drawn to you when the spear returns to you.1700 Gold
Stun ShockedHold Attack 3 to throw your Static Spear and create an electric beam. After your spear returns your next melee attack will damage and stun nearby enemies.2200 Gold
Black OutIncreases critical hit chance.3000 Gold
Light in Shining Armor Path
Bright IdeaHold Attack 3 to throw your Static Spear and create a more powerful electric beam that does more damage to enemies caught in it.1700 Gold
Everything is RelativeHold Attack 3 to throw your Static Spear and create an electric beam that now also slows enemies caught in it.2200 Gold
UnbreakableStay in the fight longer with more health!3000 Gold
Soul Gem Ability
Re-FusedRestore some health when you block and have low health.4000 Gold

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