Free Swap Force Gamer Pics and Theme on Xbox 360

Swap Force Gamer Pics
Xbox 360 Gamer Pics

While I was playing around on the Xbox 360 dashboard this afternoon I found some Free Swap Force Gamer Pics and a Free 2014 Swap Force Theme. I noticed an advertisement in the “Games” section for Skylanders Swap Force. It turns out that this more than just a common Swap Force commercial. This was promoting some of the newer characters. There are three new character videos to watch called “Short Cuts”. There is one each for Fryno, Slobber Tooth and Fire Kraken. After watching any one of the videos, you will have access to download a set of Swap Force Gamer Pics and the 2014 Swap Force Theme. (What? You didn’t know the Xbox 360 still had themes? Scroll to the bottom of the post for instructions on how to set a theme.) Now you only need to watch one character video to unlock the free downloads, but these videos are very entertaining. We loved them. It begs the question that we’ve been asking for a couple years now. WHERE IS THE SKYLANDERS CARTOON? The animated video’s and trailers that they do have always been pretty awesome. Why there isn’t a cartoon featuring these characters is beyond me. Anyway, I highly suggest you checkout the character videos, and also the Video Gallery. Here you will find some new commercials and one additional “Short Cut” video. You could also probably find these on you tube, if you don’t have an Xbox 360.

Check it out and let us know what you think of the Free Swap Force Gamer Pics and Theme.

For those that don’t know how to access your themes on your Xbox 360. Follow these instructions.

  1. Move to the “Social” tab.
  2. Highlight and click on your Name and Avatar to the right of the Friends, Avatar Store, and Sign In or Out squares.
  3. The third green box should say “Change Theme”. Click that.
  4. Viola! You should find your newly downloaded Skylanders 2014 Theme here and any other Themes you may have downloaded in the past.


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Nitro Freeze Blade Unboxing

Nitro Freeze Blade UnboxingHere is the Nitro Freeze Blade Unboxing! The Target exclusive Nitro Freeze Blade was released today (3/23) for Swap Force. After having found the character on the shelf the previous day and having the cashier take it away from us and refuse to sell it we were back this morning to pick up what seemed to be only one of two figures that they had. Watch and see if Conner breaks this one as he almost previously broke the original Freeze Blade.

Who do you prefer? Regular Freeze Blade or Nitro Freeze Blade?




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Swap Force Arena Battles – Sand-Pit-Fall

Sand-Pit-Fall Swap Force Arena BattlesLias and I take on our fifth Arena Battle in Skylanders Swap Force called Sand-Pit-Fall. We must battle enemies while avoiding a large pit in the center of the arena. Watch as I use Zoo Lou and Lias uses Legendary Night Shift. See how we do on our quest to earn three stars!


Let us know what you think of the Sand-Pit-Fall Arena.

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Do You Need Help Finding Skylanders?

Help Finding Skylanders Swap ForceCould you use some help finding Skylanders? Maybe a specific Skylander you want has disappeared? I know a lot of people out there often can’t find that one last Skylander they need or don’t have the time to constantly visit the stores. Well, I find myself at the stores often, so I’d like to offer my services to anyone who is interested. If you are looking for a Skylander that you just can’t find in your area. Send me an e-mail about what it is you are looking for. It can be a character, trinket, toy, Mega Bloks, or whatever. If you know Skylander toy X is found at Walmart, but you can’t find it. I’ll keep my eyes out. In order to provide this service, I will charge roughly $10 to $15 over retail. It may be more depending on what it is you want shipped. Obviously bigger toys, or large number of items will be more due to shipping. Any questions of specific toys can be discussed over e-mail. I also only accept paypal and will ship upon paypal’s verification receipt of payment. I wouldn’t use my service for early release characters. I mean Wave 4 characters may be limited now, but in a couple weeks should be found everywhere. So I would advise in that case to save your money. Besides by the time I find it and ship it to you, it would most likely be easily found in your stores.

Since characters are what I assume I will be getting for people the most, here is what I will be charging for characters. Price includes, shipping, materials, retail cost, tax, gas money, etc. Shipping is also limited to the continental US.

Core small Skylander $22

Small lightcore/legendary $25

Swappable/Giant $28

I will look for and send any current or past character that might still be in stores. However, I will not look for or send rare chase variants. I’m not looking for Gold, Silver, Crystal or other randomly found characters. I would however, send you the best buy exclusive Silver Sprocket, while my stores still have them in stock since those are easily found for a short time. I would also send any limited store exclusives like Nitro Freeze Blade, Enchanted Star Strike, etc. But of course those won’t be found for long. And obviously there is no guarantee that I will be able to find the items that you request. However, I do want to help anyone I can as we all love Skylanders, and searching for them constantly can be tiresome.

If anyone is interested, just send me an e-mail at Put “Skylander Request” in the subject line and let me know what character you want me to look for in the body. If it’s not a character then be sure to describe what you are looking for and where it might be found. I know some things seem to be more common to one store over another even if they are not explicitly exclusive. And example would be the Skylanders Kids Cups that I still see only at Walmart.

I know the price isn’t cheap, but that is mostly because we are talking retail prices and I do not have any wholesale suppliers. But let me know if you need help finding something and I’ll do my best.



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Stink Bomb – Character Review

Stink Bomb - Character ReviewStink Bomb  is a new Swappable Life Skylander with the Sneak ability for Skylanders Swap Force. His sneak ability allows him to unlock certain Sneak zone challenges on some of the main game levels. He is a green ninja skunk armed with throwing stars while wearing some light armor. His arms and legs have some wooden guards covered in spikes. He stands ready to throw one of his throwing stars while he has a couple more attached to his shirt . It seems pretty obvious that he will have a ranged attack in his arsenal. Overall he looks like a ninja ready for battle. Even though we already have a ninja character in Ninja Stealth Elf, Stink Bomb certainly holds his own unique look and feel.

Stink Bomb does start with a throwing star attack that can damage enemies at medium range. He also starts with a skunk cloud attack that allows him to go invisible and to damage enemies with the cloud. His upgrades are pretty much what you would expect. His throwing star attack can be upgraded to do more damage or to throw more stars at once. His Skunk Cloud can be upgraded to grow larger and to leave a trail behind as he moves. He also has the ability to add an attack that will knock back his enemies. His attacks are not too flashy or too unusual. His Skunk Cloud is about the most unique attack he has, but it is similar to Stealth Elf’s invisibility with some added damage bonus.

As a swappable character there are two different upgrade paths to choose, one for his body and one for his legs. The body paths let you focus either on adding a shield to the throwing star attack, or adding a poisoned acorn attack to knock his enemies back. We chose the Art of Skunk-Fu Path which adds the shield ability to the throwing stars attack. The throwing stars attack is our most used attack. It’s quick, it’s easy, and it’s ranged. The leg paths involve adding a second skunk cloud attack or adding an option to leave spike traps behind to damage enemies. Both leg paths seem to do the same thing by passively damaging enemies as they move through the traps. But overall neither leg path is extremely devastating or interesting.

Stink Bomb also has two soul gem abilities. One enhances the throwing stars to do more critical damage, and the other allows Stink Bomb to stay invisible even after attacking enemies from the Skunk Cloud. The “invisible after attacking” ability sounds cool, but he never seems to stay invisible for very long after the attack. So after a while it just feels like a pointless upgrade. These soul gem attacks are slightly useful, but they are not as devastating or over the top as other character’s soul gem abilities.

Overall Stink Bomb is a decent character who is very useful at a distance but I don’t find myself gravitating to use Stink Bomb much outside of completing Sneak Challenges.

7 out of 10


Stink Bomb Video Review


Stink Bomb’s Stats

    Card Stats
In Game Stats
Attack:140  Max Health270
Defense: 85  Speed43
Speed:150  Armor12
Luck:15  Critical Hit6
  Elemental Power25

Stink Bomb’s Attacks

Body Attacks
Skunk-Fu StarsPress Attack 1 to throw small stars that can damage enemies at long rangeFree
One-Inch PalmPress Attack 3 to deliver a powerful palm attack that knocks away enemies.300 Gold
Noxious NinjaPress Attack 1 to throw Skunk-Fu Stars that do increased damage.800 Gold
Sweeping Kung-FuHold Attack 1 to charge handfuls of Skunk-Fu Stars, release to damage enemies in all directions.1000 Gold
The Art of Skunk-Fu Path
Skunk-Fu ShieldSweeping Skunk-Fu creates a whirling shield that damages nearby enemies.1500 Gold
Skunk-Fu MasterSkunk-Fu Shield does increased damage2000 Gold
The Art of Acorns Path
Acorn AccuracyHold Attack 3 to charge a powerful poisoned acorn, release to shoot it at enemies.1500 Gold
Skunk EyeAn ancient aiming technique makes acorn attacks do increased damage.2000 Gold
Soul Gem Ability
Master-Star TechniquePress Attack 1 to throw Master Stars that have a higher chance to critically hit.3500 Gold
Leg Attacks
Skunk CloudPress Attack 2 to go invisible and damage enemies with a large obscuring cloud.Free
Hidden TailPress Attack 2 while invisible to perform a tail attack that does a large amount of damage to enemies.300 Gold
Sporting StripesSpeed is increased.800 Gold
Skunking AroundPress Attack 2 to go invisible and leave a skunk cloud on the ground that damages enemies.1000 Gold
Skunk Cloud Controller Path
Rolling FogUp to two skunk clouds can be active at one time.1500 Gold
Cloudy ConcoctionSkunk cloud does increased damage.2000 Gold
Sneaky Tricks Path
Sneaky TacticsMove forward slowly to cause pointy objects to be left behind that slow and damage enemies.1500 Gold
Pain in the FootSneaky Tactics does increased damage.2000 Gold
Soul Gem Ability
Stealth SkunkRemain invisible even after attacking enemies.3500 Gold
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Swap Force Sale at Best Buy Coming 3/23

Swap Force Sale at Best Buy 3_23
Click to enlarge

It looks like there will be a Swap Force sale at Best Buy starting this Sunday. Based off an ad scan for Best Buy starting 3/23/2014, they will be having a buy one Swap Force character get one 50% off sale. The scan shows the new swappable characters Freeze Blade and Trap Shadow, though it’s unclear if the sale is just for swappable characters or any character in the Swap Force game. Also the starter packs for all systems will be on sale for $54.99.

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Swap Force Wave 4 Release Rumors

Wave 4 Trap ShadowAs you know, I recently ran into the two new swapable Skylanders: Freeze Blade, and Trap Shadow at a local Toys R Us. After this I searched the web a little bit and caught wind of a bunch of new possible wave 4 Skylander sitings. Most of these centered around Walmarts in different states. So I took to the stores today to do a little reconnaissance and…no luck. No characters, no information. None of the employees had any idea when new Skylanders would arrive. However, judging by the number of sitings from people on reddit, Wave 4 Freeze Bladein other parts of the country, it’s obvious that we are just weeks, if not days from a wide spread roll out of wave 4 characters. So here are the Swap Force characters that seem to be headed for Wave 4.


New Core

  • Fryno (Possibly first to Walmart)
  • Scratch (Possibly first to Walmart)

New Series 3

New Lightcore

Springtime Chars (rumored 4/6 release date)

Keep in mind that this is still just speculation. More characters could be added should they start showing up on store shelves, in the next couple of weeks. If anything changes, I will update this article.

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Trap Shadow Unboxing

Trap Shadow UnboxingWave 4 Swap Force Characters are here, and today we have the first one to hit store shelves with our Trap Shadow Unboxing! We found him at Toys R Us and it looks like Toys R Us once again will have the characters a few weeks before anyone else as a search of local retailer’s websites has not yielded any results. Here is Conner’s Unboxing!


Let us know what you think of Trap Shadow!



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