Jade Fire Kraken

Jade Fire Kraken
"Burn to be Wild!"

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Raised on a small island surrounded by a vast ocean of fire, Fire Kraken was the swiftest, most agile warrior his tribe had ever seen. And when a fleet of Fire Troll ships arrived to steal the legendary Burning Heart, a huge elemental crystal that fueled the fiery seas, Fire Kraken leapt into action. Using a magical staff to control his natural ability to wield fire, he set the mighty ships ablaze, forcing the trolls into a hasty retreat. Having saved the Burning Heart as well as his homeland, Fire Kraken soon joined the Skylanders, where he knew his skills would help those in need.

Jade Fire Kraken is a special variant of Fire Kraken appearing in Swap Force. A release date for Jade Fire Kraken has not yet been given.

Jade Fire Kraken Unboxing


    Card Stats
In Game Stats
Attack:170  Max Health260
Defense: 70  Speed43
Speed:170  Armor18
Luck:60  Critical Hit8
  Elemental Power25


Body Attacks
Sparkling StrikesPress Attack 1 to swing the sparkler staff, damaging nearby enemiesFree
Dragon ParadeHold Attack 3 to run around in a dragon parade costume, knocking back and damaging enemies in the way300 Gold
Glow StickPress Attack 1 to swing a new staff that does increased damage.800 Gold
Rising FountainHold Attack 1 to charge a staff attack, release to cause a large explosion that knocks up and damages nearby enemies1000 Gold
The Showcase Path
Rising ChargeRising Fountain causes the next staff attack to cause a large explosion1500 Gold
Finale!Rising Fountain does increased damage in a larger area.2000 Gold
Magnificent Parade Path
Year of the DragonDragon Parade does increased damage, lasts longer, and reduces damage taken while it is active.1500 Gold
Dragon CandlesDragon Parade shoots colorful explosive fireworks at nearby enemies2000 Gold
Soul Gem Ability
Dance of DragonsHold Attack 3 to start Dragon Parade, release to shoot the sparkling and explosive Dragon costume at enemies.3500 Gold
Leg Attacks
Start the Show!Press Attack 2 up to three times to perform a firework attack on each press that damages nearby enemies.Free
Show-OffPress Attack 2 three times to shoot three colorful projectiles at once300 Gold
Kraken UpPress Jump to jump, throwing down fireworks and damaging nearby enemies.800 Gold
The Big OneHold Attack 2 for a short time to light a timed fuse that causes a massive firework attack after a short time1000 Gold
Stunning Sparker Path
Unstable ElementSpeed increases depending on how close The Big One is to exploding.1500 Gold
Sizzling SparklerPress Attack 2 for a spin attack that does increased damage in a larger area2000 Gold
Booming Bouncer Path
BigbadaboomPress Attack 2 two times for a bounce attack that does increased damage in a larger area.1500 Gold
Strike the FoesHold Attack 2 for a short time to light the fuse for The Big One and knock away all nearby enemies.2000 Gold
Soul Gem Ability
The Bigger OneThe Big One creates a huge colorful explosion that does increased damage in a larger radius.3500 Gold

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