"The King of the Sting!"

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Scorp was raised in the Salt Flat Islands, an endless flat plain of rock where every day is very hot. To keep themselves entertained, the residents live for the sport of Sting Ball, an extreme game that only the strongest play to become King of Sting -- a title Scorp had won numerous times. During his last championship game, the opposing team cheated by using an enchanted water gem to make it rain. But the spell got out of control and soon a raging thunderstorm flooded the land. Using his powerful claws and incredible agility, Scorp bravely battled the rising waters to retrieve the gem and hurl it far into the clouds, breaking the spell and saving everyone. Seeing how his abilities could be used for more than sport, Scorp soon sought out and joined the Skylanders.

Scorp is a new Earth Skylander making his debut in Swap Force. He is a Wave 2 release Skylander. Scorp can be bought individually or as part of Triple Pack #3 with Twin Blade Chop Chop and Heavy Duty Sprocket.

Scorp Unboxing


    Card Stats
In Game Stats
Attack: 105  Max Health260
Defense:95  Speed35
Speed: 75  Armor18
Luck:45  Critical Hit8
  Elemental Power25


All Attacks
Emerald CrystalPress Attack 1 to throw a sticky explosive crystal.Free
Tail StingPress Attack 2 to sting the ground nearby and poison enemies.Free
Boulder RollHold Attack 3 to curl up into a ball and roll around, damaging enemies in the way.500 Gold
Chrome CarapaceArmor is increased. New stone plating causes enemies' attacks to do less damage.700 Gold
Crystal BallHold Attack 1 to charge a crystal attack, release to smash two crystals together and throw a massive sticky crystal.900 Gold
Earthly PowerPress Attack 1 to throw a sticky explosive that now does increased damage to an enemy.1200 Gold
Stinger Path
Fuming FissurePress Attack 2 to strike the ground with a poison tail and cause a large shockwave that shoots out towards enemies.1700 Gold
Scorpion StrikePoison from tail strikes does increased damage.2200 Gold
Potent PoisonsPress Attack 2 to strike with a poison tail, that now damages enemies over a longer amount of time.3000 Gold
Crystal Venomancer Path
Cracked CrystalsPress Attack 1 to throw a powerful sticky explosive crystal that now does damage to enemies in a larger area.1700 Gold
Crystal ShardsEmerald Crystal attacks now do even more damage.2200 Gold
Venomous CrystalsWhen Crystal Ball explodes, it splits into two smaller crystals. Each new crystal does very powerful poison damage over time when it explodes.3000 Gold
Soul Gem Ability
Avalanche DashHold Attack 3 to curl up into a ball and roll around. Dashing now lasts as long as Attack 3 is held.4000 Gold

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