Imaginators Wave 3 Characters at Toys R Us

Skylanders Imaginators Wave 3Rumors have been swirling for a while now about Wave 3 Imaginators characters hitting store shelves. I can finally say that they have appeared at my local Toys R Us this weekend. I picked up everything but the Thumpin Wumpa Islands Adventure Pack, since we got that with the PS4 edition of the game. Also, strangely enough I did NOT see that adventure pack at Toys R Us, though you can pick it up from Target Online, so if you are looking for that watch for it to show up soon.

Here is a quick list of the characters you’ll be able to find in Wave 3.

BuckshotWave 3 Enchanted Elven Forest Adventure Pack

Chain Reaction

Flare Wolf

Jingle Bell Chompy Mage

Pit Boss

Legendary Pit Boss  (TRU Exclusive)Wave 3 Thumpin Wumpa Islands Adventure Pack

Solar Flare Aurora (Target Exclusive)

Enchanted Elven Forest Adventure Pack

Thumpin Wumpa Islands Adventure Pack

If you are looking for the newest Skylanders, head over to your local Toys R Us, or try to order from the website. I would hope they would show up at other retailers in the next week or two. Later this week we’ll share our Wave 3 Unboxing which will also include the Steel Plated Hood Sickle figure which was late to show up at Best Buy and we didn’t get it at launch.

Happy Hunting!



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