Pit Boss

Pit Boss
"The Scales of Justice!"

Pit Boss was a member of a powerful order of snake philosophers that lived high up in the Great Twisty Mountains. Travelers would come from miles around and make the treacherous climb just to seek out the snakes’ wisdom. Each visitor was permitted to ask one question, but Pit Boss became alarmed when the same question was asked by several different people – how to deal with the growing threat of Kaos! With such a great concern, Pit Boss knew that it was time for action, not words. He left the Order of the Snake in search of this threat, and soon it was clear that Kaos was worse than Pit Boss had imagined. Knowing he could not stop Kaos on his own, Pit Boss joined the Skylanders, and due to his great wisdom and mystical powers, Master Eon enlisted him into the Sensei program as a Sorcerer Master.

Pit Boss is a new Undead Sensei Skylander in Skylanders Imaginators. He will teach those who wish to learn the Sorcerer Battle Class.


    Card StatsMax of 350
In Game Starting Stats
Attack:250  Attack:8
Defense: 200  Defense:8
Speed:250  Speed:8
Luck:200  Luck:8

All Attacks
Snake AttackPress Attack 1 to launch ghostly snake attacks.Free
Slithering Soul SnakePress and hold Attack 2 to turn into a Snake.Free
Viper PitsPress Attack 3 to create Viper Pits that damage enemies, and make your Snake Attacks do more damage and travel faster.500 Gold
Besst For LasstDo damage around you when releasing Attack 2.700 Gold
Pit MasterViper Pits slow enemies down, and they will always take critical hits. You can also make one more Viper Pit.900 Gold
Slither AwayCarry enemies with you when turning into a Slithering Soul Snake.1200 Gold
Snake Charmer Path
Superior SlitheringYou can carry one more enemy during a Slithering Soul Snake attack.1700 Gold
The More The Snake-ierThe more enemies you carry with Slithering Soul Snake, the more damage you will do.2200 Gold
SheddingLeave your remains behind as a barrier when transforming back from Slithering Soul Snake.3000 Gold
Pit Prowess Path
Restless ReptilesVipers will shoot out of Viper Pits when they expire and damage enemies.1700 Gold
Viper Pit PounceJumping while in Snake form creates a Viper Pit. You can now make up to three of them.2200 Gold
Really Restless ReptilesVipers will continuously escape the Viper Pits and damage enemies.3000 Gold
Soul Gem Ability
The UndersnakerRelease Attack 2 while coiled in Slithering Soul Snake to unleash a giant undead Snake.4000 Gold
Sky-Chi Ability
Viper VolleyHold Special Attack to perform your Sky-Chi Power! It's raining snakes!N/A

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