Flare Wolf

Flare Wolf
"Ready to Rocket!"


When Flare Wolf was young, he worked all summer to earn the coveted Fireworks Badge from the Wolf Scouts. In doing so, he had earned the right to light the fireworks in the annual St. Wigglewort's Day celebration - an honor of which Flare Wolf was extremely proud. But on the day of the celebration, a band of evil Ice Ogres attacked his village and took the entire community hostage! The only weapons at his disposal were the town's supply of fireworks they were saving for the evening festivities. One by one, Flare Wolf lit them in the center of the Ogre camp, launching a dazzling display of pyrotechnics that sent the Ogres running. Not only had Flare Wolf saved his village, he had also given its residents the most spectacular fireworks show they had seen in over 100 years! Even Master Eon was impressed, and offered Flare Wolf a position at theAcademy as the Official Fireworks Launcher. But after seeing him in action, he quickly realized that Flare Wolf had much more to offer as a Sensei!

Flare Wolf is a new Fire elemental Sensei Skylander trained as a Bazooker for Skylanders Imaginators.


    Card StatsMax of 350
In Game Starting Stats
Attack:180  Attack:8
Defense: 140  Defense:6
Speed:350  Speed:15
Luck:230  Luck:10

All Attacks
Rockets AwayPress Attack 1 to fire exploding Rockets from your rocket launcher.Free
Ride the RocketPress Attack 2 to take a ride on your rocket launcher.Free
Loop De LoopRockets now do a Loop De Loop when holding Attak 1. Loop De Loop Rockets create a defensive fire trail around you and do more damage.500 Gold
Secret WeaponHold Attack 3 to discover a hidden flamethrower in your rocket launcher!700 Gold
Trip to the MoonHold Attack 2 to launch yourself in the air and parachute down. Press Attack 1 to fire critical hit rockets down on your enemies.900 Gold
Firecrackers!Rockets now drop firecrackers on enemies dealing damage over time.1200 Gold
The Greatest Show in Skylands! Path
Roman CandleLoop De Loop Rockets now explode into fireworks when they hit enemies.1700 Gold
SparklersRiding the rocket now leaves a trail of explosive sparklers!2200 Gold
Flame and ShineTaking a Trip to the Moon now rains down fireworks and fireballs. What a show!3000 Gold
Fun With Flames Path
PyrotechnistAs you hold Attack 3 your flamethrower powers up and explodes with more flames!1700 Gold
RingmasterWhen using Loop De Loop you will fire three rockets instead of one.2200 Gold
Flame SpinnerIf you continue to hold Attack 3, you and your flamethrower will start spinning.3000 Gold
Soul Gem Ability
Flare in the Hole!Jump and press Attack 3 to launch a massive rocket that detonates with flare! Hold Attack 3 and move around to aim your target.4000 Gold
Sky-Chi Ability
Quadruple the Power!Hold Special Attack to amp up your forces with four rocket launchers continuously firing in any direction you choose!N/A




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