"Quiver with Fear!"

When Buckshot was young, he and his siblings were banished to the Magic Realm of Mysterious Mazes by an evil Spellpunk that wanted to rid Skylands of all Sky-Fauns. Buckshot spent years looking for a way out, but found no way to escape the enchanted labyrinth. Over time, however, the magic of the realm began to grow within him, strengthening his already formidable powers. While his siblings had lost all hope of freedom, Buckshot continued to test the boundaries of the maze, using his mystical bow and arrows to try to penetrate the walls around him. Eventually, Buckshot’s powers became so potent that he even learned how to teleport. With this new ability, he was finally able to open a portal back into Skylands and free his siblings. Now as a Sensei of the Bowslinger class, Buckshot always keeps one eye on the target – and the other on the lookout for the Spellpunk that had banished him!

Buckshot is a new Magic element Sensei Skylander for Skylanders Imaginators. He will teach the Bowslinger Battle Class.


    Card StatsMax of 350
In Game Starting Stats
Attack:340  Attack:4
Defense: 90  Defense:4
Speed:270  Speed:15
Luck:200  Luck:12

All Attacks
Spread ShotPress Attack 1 to shoot a lot of arrows at once!Free
Goat PortalsPress Attack 2 to create mysitcal Goat Portals. Shoot arrows in one portal to make them come out the other portal.Free
Through and Through!Arrows that go through portals do more damage.500 Gold
Vortex BoomerangPress Attack 3 to fire a magic boomerang that pulls enemies together.700 Gold
Now You See MeWhen you are creating portals, you move faster and stun most enemies that you touch.900 Gold
Speedy ExitAfter exiting a portal, you gain a burst of speed!1200 Gold
Arrows Away! Path
Not The Face!You have a much higher chance of dealing critical hits to enemies that are very close to you.1700 Gold
Random SelectionSpread Shot now always includes a single, more powerful arrow that stuns enemies.2200 Gold
Where'd That Come From?Portals sometimes shoot ram or sheep projectiles on their own.3000 Gold
Escape Goat! Path
Main AttractionGoat Portals naturally pull enemies towards themselves.1700 Gold
Dimensional DamageGoat Portals damage anything nearby.2200 Gold
Two For OneShoot a Boomerang at a Goat Portal to destroy all Goat Portals in a huge explosion!3000 Gold
Soul Gem Ability
More Bang For Your BuckCreate a magical shockwave every time you make a portal, and have a lot more portals active at a time!4000 Gold
Sky-Chi Ability
You've Goat To Be Kidding MeHold Special Attack to perform your Sky-Chi Power!N/A






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