SuperChargers Toys at McDonalds

McDonalds SuperChargersIt’s that time a year again where the Skylanders toys appear at McDonalds. SuperChargers have landed in the happy meals. Starting this week, and lasting for probably just two more weeks, you’ll be able to collect six Skylanders SuperChargers toys at McDonalds. Each is a replica of one of the SuperCharger vehicles complete with their driver. You will be able to collect Hot Streak with Spitfire, Tomb Buggy with Bone Bash Roller Brawl, Jet-Stream with Hurricane Jet-Vac, Sea Shadow with Nightfall, Shark Tank with Shark Shooter Terrafin, and the Reef Ripper with Deep Dive Gill Grunt. The focus on these toys is the vehicle as it doesn’t look like the characters will not be able to be removed from them. If you scan each toy, you will then unlock a little game for each of the toys.


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