Jet Stream

Jet Stream SuperCharged

The Jet Stream is a finely tuned storm-chasing machine. Its twin turbines give it supreme maneuverability, while its Sky Baron battle armor and enhanced weaponry guarantee it will always be the last bird standing!

Jet Stream is the signature Sky vehicle for the Air SuperCharger, Hurricane Jet-Vac in Skylanders SuperChargers.

Hurricane Jet-Vac Review with Jet Stream

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Jet Steam Stats, Attacks and Mods
StatsWeapon and Shield Upgrade Costs
Jet Stream StatsSlot 1200 Gold
Slot 2250 Gold
Slot 3300 Gold
Slot 4350 Gold
Slot 5400 Gold
Avian RazorsTap Attack 1 to fire Avian Razors.
Vacuum BombTap Attack 3 to create a tornado. Fire Avian Razors into it to charge it up!
Performance ModsSpecialty Mods
Wind Slashers+10 Top SpeedWind Frenzies+10 Top Speed
Blade Wings+15 Acceleration,
-5 Weight
Vortex Core Turbine+10 Acceleration
Air-Flex Flyers+10 HandlingVintage Forge Crank+5 Acceleration,
+5 Handling
Brassfeather Wings+300 ArmorBrasslock Engine+150 Armor,
+5 Weight
Horn Options
Turbine TrumpetAvian SirensAir HornMallard Quaker





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