Tomb Buggy

Tomb Buggy SuperCharged


The Tomb Buggy was hand crafted by Roller Brawl from the skeletal remains of an ancient undead Grave Panther. With its agile maneuverability and impressive weaponry, it's perfect for any driver that has a bone to pick with evil!

Tomb Buggy is the signature vehicle for Bone Bash Roller Brawl in Skylanders SuperChargers.


Tomb Buggy Stats, Attacks and Mods
StatsWeapon and Shield Upgrade Costs
Tomb Buggy StatsSlot 1800 Gold
Slot 2900 Gold
Slot 31000 Gold
Slot 41100 Gold
Slot 51200 Gold
Spread the LoveTap Attack 1 to blast a spread shot of undead power at enemies.
Unfair PlayHold Attack 3 to grind nearby enemies with wheel energy.
Performance ModsSpecialty Mods
Grave Crackers+10 HandlingBoo-ster+10 Acceleration
Ghastly Speedsters+15 Acceleration,
-10 Weight
Ecto-Engine+5 Top Speed,
+5 Acceleration
Rib Rattlers+10 Top SpeedTombstone Smoker+300 Armor
Bonesaw Rippers+150 Armor,
+5 Top Speed,
+5 Acceleration
Vampire Ventilation+10 Top Speed
Horn Options
Scream ScreechUnderworld HumOrgan BlastSpectral Spooker

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