Shark Tank

Shark Tank SuperCharged

The Shark Tank is an unstoppable driving force when Terrafin is at the helm. Containing subterranean navigation, all-terrain teeth tread, and enchanted battle armor, it is primed and ready to take the bite to Kaos!

Shark Tank is the signature vehicle to Shark Shooter Terrafin in Skylanders SuperChargers.

Shark Shooter Terrafin Review with Shark Tank

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Shark Tank Stats, Attacks and Mods
StatsWeapon and Shield Upgrade Costs
Shark Tank StatsSlot 1800 Gold
Slot 2900 Gold
Slot 31000 Gold
Slot 41100 Gold
Slot 51200 Gold
Ballistic Drill MissileTap Attack 1 for shark missiles!
Street SwimmingHold Attack 3 to enter Street Swimming Mode.
Performance ModsSpecialty Mods
Geode Grinders+10 HandlingSubterrain Glider+300 Armor
Double-Treaded Tracks+150 Armor,
+5 Weight
Gravel Hopper Boosts+10 Top Speed
Turbo Slick Belts+10 Top SpeedDouble-Fin Diver+5 Acceleration,
-5 Weight
Shark Teeth Biters+10 AcclerationTerra Fin+10 Handling
Horn Options
Quarry ClangBedrock BopSand Shark AlarmTerrain Trumpet

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