Wave 3 Characters at Toys R Us

Wave 3 Characters at Toys R UsI was at my local Toys R Us this morning and what did I find but four Wave 3 characters hanging on the wall. Lava Lance Eruptor, Splat, Hurricane Jet-Vac and Big Bubble Pop Fizz were all there. What wasn’t there were any of the Wave 3 vehicles: Shield Striker, Splatter Splasher and Thump Truck. There were also no new dual packs, triple packs or action packs, but these tend to trail the main release anyway. I’m guessing we’ll just see these other items trickle in in the coming weeks as they become available.  

I remember early December being the time-frame when Wave 3 usually gets released, and then there are always a few characters that just make it out right before Christmas. I think last year it was the light and dark expansion packs that came out just days before Christmas. Black Friday is almost here, so you might be able to wait and save some money. My store had a lot of the characters, but I’m always amazed at how quick the first shipment of a wave disappears, and sometimes it takes a while for them to reappear. Also, I think Splat and Big Bubble Pop Fizz will sell pretty well. So if you are interested in the new characters, you might want to check your local Toys R Us today.

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