Wave 2 SuperChargers Out Now

Skylanders SuperChargers Wave 2Yesterday I looked back at the Trap Team articles that I wrote about the launch of Wave 2 and was surprised to see, that I got the Wave 2 characters for Trap Team just 2 days after launch. So I made a trip this morning to my local Toys R Us. At first I saw nothing new on the shelves, but after talking to the employee I learned that Wave 2 SuperChargers had just come out today. They had the boxes behind the counter and not even on the shelves yet. So I was able to pick up each of new single pack characters for Wave 2. I checked other retailer’s websites, and it does not appear that Wave 2 is out anywhere else except Amazon.com. Typically Toys R Us gets the jump by a week or two on other retailers, so if you are sticking to GameStop or Best Buy, you may have to wait a while. Best Buy also still has a couple of Character Dual Packs on the website with a release date of 10/2. I would guess this is when they would have the rest of Wave 2 as well. These Dual Packs are expected to be Shark Shooter Terrafin with Shark Tank, and Hurricane Jet-Vac with Jet Stream. The first SuperChargers Triple Pack is also listed on Amazon.com with a release date of 10/4 and that pack includes Shark Shooter Terrafin, Shark Tank and Jet Stream. Bottom Line: If you want the Wave 2 figures (listed below) sooner than later, then go to Toys R Us today. Toys R Us is also still offering their Buy One Get One 40% off which is supposed to end after today.

New Characters

Smash Hit Character on BGSmash Hit
High Volt Character on BGHigh Volt

New Vehicles

Burn-Cycle SuperChargedBurn-Cycle
Jet Stream SuperChargedJet Stream
Shark Tank SuperChargedShark Tank
Stealth Stinger SuperChargedStealth Stinger
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