SuperChargers Wave 1 Ready For Pre-Order

Super Chargers Starter PackAfter checking out several of the retail websites this morning, it became obvious that most of the SuperChargers Wave 1 characters are available for Pre-Order at several popular retailers. It also showed a couple of new exclusives and alternate versions which are also available for Pre-Order. Best Buy also showed a couple of Dual Packs available for pre-order, but these have a release date of 10/2. This possibly could be the date for Wave 2, so stay tuned. In the past Wave 2 follows almost immediately after Wave 1, so it’s possible. It also doesn’t say what is in the dual packs, so it could be combos of Skylanders released with Wave 1. For example, the dual pack could include maybe Stormblade and the Sky Slicer, or it could be a brand new Skylander and vehicle combo. My bet would be on Skylanders that have already come out in single packs, so you may want to wait. You would only about $3 on a pair though, so it might be worth getting them separately. We probably will know soon, as Best Buy will probably update their website any day. For now lets’ check out what is available for Wave 1.

UPDATE: Well, this morning I got an e-mail from GameStop, and sure enough they advertised that Frightful Fiesta will be “first” at GameStop. I guess even Skylanders now have timed exclusives. Also, Target is showing a Nitro Stealth Stinger, but only if you search for Skylanders and not SuperChargers.




Racing Packs


You can visit any of our Skylander pages to see a list of retailers and visit the links to see who has the best price. However, in the past and currently the best retailers for price are as follows.

#1 Best Buy – Figures $12.99, Vehicles $14.99 ($10.39 and $11.99 with Gamer’s Club Unlocked)

#2 Target – Figures $12.99, Vehicles $14.99 (Save 5% with your Red Card)

#3 – Figures $12.99, Vehicles $14.99. (Save $10 on the game for Amazon Prime members)

#4 Walmart – Estimated Figures $12.99, Vehicles $14.99 (Website does not yet list prices, but typically they match Amazon.)

#5 GameStop – Figures $12.99, Vehicles $15.99 (They typically raise prices of the larger figures and packs.)

#6 Toys R Us – Figures $13.99, Vehicles $16.99 (Typically the worst price but often the first to get new waves of figures).


Best Buy once again is the cheapest of all retailers if you join the Gamer’s Club Unlocked. You save 20% off of any games and it’s always worked for Skylanders figures and packs as well. Costs $30 to join for a two year subscription. If you plan on buying a lot of figures and or other video games, then it’s really a good deal. So far, I’ve saved $20 on the Dark Edition, $13 on the 3DS edition, and about $2 on a figure. So that is $35 already. I have not yet pre-ordered other figures and vehicles from Best Buy because they are not yet available for in store pickup. That’s another nice feature. I typically just order what I want from Best Buy, then just drive to the store and pick it up. Saves the hassle of shipping or searching the store. That also worked great with Amiibo pre-orders. I’m hoping that before the release date, the website will start allowing in store pickup. Since the game is releasing on a Sunday, shipped pre-orders won’t arrive until Monday.

You can also save $10 on your game purchase at if you are a prime member. Buying a prime membership just to get discounts on games is probably not a good idea since the Best Buy Gamer’s Club Unlocked is much cheaper and extends a better discount. But if you already are a prime member and don’t want to pay the Gamer’s Club Unlocked fee then this might be a good option to take advantage of. I believe the prime discounts only apply to pre-ordered games, where as the Best Buy discounts apply to all games all the time. Best Buy also have several deals on pre-order games where if you pre-order a game, you also get a $10 reward coupon. That’s on top of the $12 savings you get on a typical new game release price. Unfortunately Skylanders is not one of those games featured for a Pre-order reward coupon. But it’s something else to think about if you pre-order other games. Visit our Gamer’s Club Unlocked link if you want more information on the benefits of GCU and from there I link directly to the best buy online ordering page.

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