Nitro Stealth Stinger

Nitro Stealth Stinger


The Nitro Stealth Stinger is the ultimate forest ninja weapon! During covert Skylander operations, Stealth Elf uses its camouflage abilities and high velocity thorn rockets to get the drop on evil before they see it coming!

Nitro Stealth Stinger is a special variant of Super Shot Stealth Elf's signature vehicle the Stealth Stinger for Skylanders SuperChargers and is exclusive to Target.

Super Shot Stealth Elf Review with Stealth Stinger

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Stealth Stinger Stats, Attacks and Mods
StatsWeapon and Shield Upgrade Costs
Stealth Stinger StatsSlot 1200 Gold
Slot 2250 Gold
Slot 3300 Gold
Slot 4350 Gold
Slot 5400 Gold
Canopy PiercerPress and hold Attack 1 to rapidly fire acorns into the sky.
Forest FogHold Attack 3 to become stealthed! Your shields will slowly recover while stealthed.
Performance ModsSpecialty Mods
Leaf Cutters+10 Top SpeedWaxed Wood Plates+10 Top Speed
Pine Cone Rotors+10 HandlingAcorn Armoring+300 Armor
Petal Paddles+10 AccelerationBriar Patching+10 Handling
Lacquered Coaxial+150 Armor,
+5 Handling
Hardwood Shielding+150 Armor,
+5 Weight
Horn Options
Woodland TuneTimber WailerBramble BlareGrove Groover

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