Super Shot Stealth Elf Review With Stealth Stinger

Super Shot Stealth Elf Review with Stealth Stinger

Stealth Elf Review with Stealth StingerStealth Elf is back after taking a one game break from Skylanders. She didn’t really appear (as a full figure) in Trap Team, though her mini Whisper Elf was playable in the game. Her new SuperChargers version is called Super Shot Stealth Elf and she flies the Stealth Stinger for her signature vehicle. There is also a Dark SuperShot Stealth Elf which is the second time Stealth Elf has had a “dark” version. The first Dark Stealth Elf came out during Skylanders Swap Force. This year though, she will have an all new set of attacks, as all SuperCharged versions of Skylanders have new attacks. She still has her stealthy attacks, but she replaces her melee focused twin blades for a rapid firing Dagger Cannon. How does such a small elf wield such heavy firepower?

Super Shot Stealth Elf’s main focus for this year’s character is her new Dagger Cannon gun which she holds with two hands like your modern Gatling gun. She wears a pair of black gloves to hold this heavy and natural looking wooden weapon. Maybe the fact that the gun is made out of wood makes it lighter for her? It’s hard to imagine how someone as small and skinny as Stealth Elf can lug around such a large gun. However, she IS a Skylander, and all Skylanders are much stronger than they look. The wood gun also fits her Life Element well as even her daggers appear to be wood, bone or something else found in nature. She wears a green and yellow zippered jumpsuit. It’s not the best for it’s armor ability, but it must be comfortable and allows her to move fast when not firing her gun. Her long blue hair is still in a pony tail as it comes out the back of her wooden looking fighter’s helmet. She wears that fighter’s helmet because she also pilots the Air Vehicle Stealth Stinger, which is a wooden armored helicopter. Her dark version follows the typical black and silver color scheme and looks just as good as her normal version. Her iconic blue hair though remains blue for a nice touch.

The Dagger Cannon is indeed her main focus of attack this year. By pressing Attack 1 and holding it to lock onto enemies, Stealth Elf can easily shoot a bunch of daggers at an enemy. It’s a very good attack out of the box though it does slow her down considerably while she is using it. Her secondarySuper Shot Stealth Elf Review Gameplay attack is a stealth attack similar to the one she used to have. It’s called Say Hello. By pressing the Attack 2 button, Stealth Elf will disappear but this time she first places a turret that will attract and distract the enemies. While she is hidden she can sneak up behind an enemy and use her Circle Slash attack. This third attack can be purchased after an upgrade and is her only melee attack. Pressing the Attack 3 button will perform an acrobatic spin around her Dagger Cannon where she will kick and knock back nearby enemies. These three abilities give her a wide range of choice. She can stay back and attack, sneak around to find open areas to attack from, or if surrounded blast everyone nearby with a Circle Slash. Three small upgrades enhance these abilities further. The Needle-Pointed Daggers gives the Dagger Cannon the ability to deal more damage. The To My Little Friend upgrade gives the turret the ability to shoot enemies that are in front of it. Finally the Speed of the Spin upgrade gives Stealth Elf a boost in movement speed after using the Circle Slash attack.

Specializing her upgrades means either upgrading her Dagger Cannon, or her stealthy attacks. The Heavy Gunner Path upgrades the Dagger Cannon attacks. The Smog Slash upgrade creates a poison cloud when you exit stealth mode. Yeah, I know that doesn’t sound like a Dagger Cannon upgrade to me either. The All Wound Up upgrade does though. This upgrade allows the projectiles fired from the cannon to do more damage the longer the Attack 1 button is held down. So the longer you can stand still, the more damage you do. Finally the Splinter Shells upgrade will cause the projectiles to splinter and hit other nearby enemies. If you are more of a fan of sneaking around and staying out of the way, then you’ll want to choose the Stealth Saboteur Path. Two of these upgrades enhance the turret that is placed as Stealth Elf disappears. The Distraction Destruction upgrade makes the turret explode once the turret’s time is up, while the Acquisition Intelligence Mode will make the turret turn and aim at nearby enemies as well as doing more damage. The last upgrade in the path is called Spin To Win and will give the Circle Slash to do more damage and knock enemies further away. Stealth Elf’s Soul Gem Ability will now grant Stealth Elf healing powers. Once the Health Elf upgrade is purchased Stealth Elf will regain some health after each enemy defeated.

Stealth Elf’s signature vehicle is the Stealth Stinger and is a hard vehicle to judge. It’s decently fast and has good handling, however, it’s attacks are pretty lackluster. It can win races but it will take some time to gun down enemies. The Canopy Piercer is the main attack. Just like with Stealth Elf, you can hold the Attack 1 button to rapidly fire acorns atSuper Shot Stealth Elf Review and Stealth Stinger Gameplay Thumb enemies. They don’t do a lot of damage, but if you can keep your aim on your target for a while, the damage can certainly add up. There is no rocket or larger secondary attack with the Stealth Stinger. Instead, it has the unique ability to go into stealth mode where it can not be seen by enemies, and where the shields will slightly regenerate. This move is called Forest Fog. I was able to use this ability to stay a live much longer than with other vehicles during the Sky Star Challenges. You can sort of run away from the battle and spend the time in stealth mode healing your shields. You may have to do this quite often though, as the Stealth Stinger’s armor is not very strong, and it can take damage quickly. As a Skystone, I found the Stealth Stinger to be my secret weapon during the harder Nightmare Mode matches. It gives the ability to heal 5 every few turns. In the end, it’s probably not going to be your most exciting Sky Vehicle, but will be useful as long as you play to its strengths. There is even a special variant called Nitro Stealth Stinger which ditches the green, leafy life look for a gold and white checkered racing look. I probably prefer the gold and white, but the original green coloring better complements Sure Shot Stealth Elf. The Stealth Stinger probably isn’t a necessary vehicle to own, but it’s not a waste and you can get good use out of it.

Overall Super Shot Stealth Elf is a good re-design of the character if you like the ranged fighting. If you are a melee fan, then you might miss her powerful dagger attacks of old. But don’t discount her Circle Slash as it will clear out a group of enemies, and knock some of them back. When paired with the Stealth Stinger, you get a pretty stealthy combination full of good attacks and ways to regain health. She’s not very flashy, but then again she never was. You’ll get good mileage out of Super Shot Stealth Elf as long as you take your time with her and watch her health bar. The ability to dish a lot of damage from far away, and then to sneak up on an enemy just to knock them off their feet with a Circle Slash, is a good combination.

SkylanderNutts gives Super Shot Stealth Elf7.5 out of 10
SkylanderNutts gives The Stealth Stinger…      7.5 out of 10

Super Shot Stealth Elf Review with Stealth Stinger

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