Super Shot Stealth Elf Review With Stealth Stinger

Super Shot Stealth Elf Review with Stealth Stinger

Stealth Elf Review with Stealth StingerStealth Elf is back after taking a one game break from Skylanders. She didn’t really appear (as a full figure) in Trap Team, though her mini Whisper Elf was playable in the game. Her new SuperChargers version is called Super Shot Stealth Elf and she flies the Stealth Stinger for her signature vehicle. There is also a Dark SuperShot Stealth Elf which is the second time Stealth Elf has had a “dark” version. The first Dark Stealth Elf came out during Skylanders Swap Force. This year though, she will have an all new set of attacks, as all SuperCharged versions of Skylanders have new attacks. She still has her stealthy attacks, but she replaces her melee focused twin blades for a rapid firing Dagger Cannon. How does such a small elf wield such heavy firepower?

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