A Slightly New Look

SkylanderNutts Slightly New LookIf you are a regular visitor to our website you may have noticed a few changes today. Today I launch a slightly updated look to SkylanderNutts. Let’s call it SkylanderNutts 1.1. You will probably notice that it’s a little easier to read, and I’ve tried to streamline the menus some. The read changes though, and the real impetus behind making the change though was to improve the mobile experience. My site was not very easy to use on your mobile device. I put a lot of work under the hood in the past few days to hopefully greatly improve this experience. And in doing that, I also rearranged a few things on the desktop site, plus added a few new features like a sticky menu and a more easy to read font (hopefully!). If anyone experiences any problems, or if I screwed up the ability to find a page that you used to easily get to, let me know by sending me an e-mail or leave a comment below.

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