Steel Plated Smash Hit

Steel Plated Smash Hit
"Let's Rock!"

It is widely known that few Skylanders enjoy demolition more that Smash Hit. But after finishing runner-up to Crusher in last year's annual Destruct-o-Thon, Smash Hit decided to enter this year's competition better prepared. Now reinforced with indestructible Skytanium steel, the young Warsupial is primed and ready to smash anything and everything the competition can throw his way!

Steel Plated Smash Hit is a Best Buy exclusive alternate version of Smash Hit for Skylanders SuperChargers. He is available for pre-order and should come out with the release of SuperChargers.

Smash Hit Review with Thump Truck (Video)

Read the written review HERE:

    Card Stats
In Game Stats
Attack:290  Max Health400
Defense: 240  Speed35
Speed:120  Armor24
Luck:150  Critical Hit4
  Elemental Power25


All Attacks
DemolisherTap Attack 1 repeatedly to swing the boulder around in circle.Free
CrushinatorPress Attack 2 to smash the boulder on the ground in front of you.Free
Connect and DisconnectPress Attack 3 to Disconnect the boulder and gain unique chain attacks. Press Attack 3 again to Connect.500 Gold
Junkyard DogBoulder attacks deal more damage. Rock on!700 Gold
Spikey SpinnerHold Attack 3 for a short time to charge up the boulder and send it spinning at enemies.
Prerequisite: Connect and Disconnect
900 Gold
JunkerChain attacks deal more damage. Chain time!
Prerequisite: Connect and Disconnect
1200 Gold
Bolder Boulder Path
HeapHold Attack 2 for a short amount of time to charge your boulder. The next attack with the boulder will deal massive damage!1700 Gold
Better TogetherGain a large armor increase when Connecting. Press Attack 3 to Disconnect the boulder, Press Attack 3 again to Connect.2200 Gold
Catch!Hold Attack 1 while Connected to throw your boulder at enemies!3000 Gold
Chain Champ Path
G’Day!Hold Attack 1 while Disconnected to pull yourself to enemies!1700 Gold
Cut LooseThe next attack will be a critical hit when Disconnecting. Press Attack 3 to Disconnect the boulder, press Attack 3 again to Connect.2200 Gold
Earth CurrentsPress Attack 2 while Disconnected to pull enemies into the spinning boulder.3000 Gold
Soul Gem Ability
Down, UnderHold Attack 3 when connecting to the boulder to create a huge explosion underneath you!
Prerequisite: Connect and Disconnect
4000 Gold

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