Smash Hit Review With Thump Truck

Smash Hit Review with Thump Truck

Smash Hit ReviewSmash Hit is a new Earth Skylander for Skylanders SuperChargers. He is a Warsupial, a rare species known for their skill in combat. They are also known for finding and smashing any dangerous artifacts that are found from the Arkeyan Empire. So it is easy to see why Smash Hit likes to break things. Master Eon took notice of Smash Hit’s amazing skills with a wrecking ball when he was able to dismantle an Arkeyan Conquertron in under an hour. Master Eon recruited the Warsupial and his Thump Truck into the SuperChargers so they could help wreck Kaos and his Sky Eater.

Smash Hit is the first playable Warsupial in Skylanders. Those familiar with the series might notice a strong resemblance between Smash Hit and Softpaw. Softpaw was a friend of the Skylanders in both Swap Force and SuperChargers. I think Softpaw was the first Warsupial in the series. Smash Hit though takes a much more direct approach to combat by smashing everything in sight with his wrecking ball. You can see this reflected in his figure as the wrecking ball is the focus of the figure and is just about as big as he is. Smash Hit is a little small for a Skylander, but he is also quite strong and athletic looking. He doesn’t really have any armor which means he is susceptible to taking some majSteel Plated Smash Hit Reviewor damage. His only attire is an orange helmet with orange suspenders, orange gloves and some black pants. Spikes adorn his helmet and the bottom of his silver boots. These give his small body the grip it needs to be able to swing the giant wrecking ball around. There is an alternate version of Smash Hit as well. Steel Plated Smash Hit drops the brown and orange earth tone colors in favor of green and silver. It’s neat looking, but I think I prefer the brown and orange. The only negative about the figure is that it can be a little easy to knock over. It shows Smash Hit in a great pose of him vaulting off his wrecking ball. This leads it to be slightly off balance. It will stand fine on it’s own, but a little bump will push him over.

Smash Hit’s basic attack is called the Demolisher. By tapping the Attack 1 button you can spin his large boulder around in circles smashing everything in sight. The Attack 2 button will smash the boulder down on the ground in front of Smash Hit. This move is called the Crushinator. The Crushinator may have more power, but the Demolisher can go on indefinitely. It’s a pretty good 1-2 combination. The third attack can be bought with an upgrade and is called Connect and Disconnect. This upgrade will become the focus of several other upgrades.  By pressing the Attack 3 button, Smash Hit will disconnect the boulder from the chain where it will spin by itself on the ground, damaging anything that comes near. While disconnected, Smash Hit can attack enemies with his chain. It won’t do as much damage, but it’s a little faster and allows Smash Hit to target two enemies at once. Eventually the boulder will reconnect to the chain, or you can press the Attack 3 button again to reconnect on demand. As the boulder flies back to the chain, it will damage anything in it’s way. The Spikey Spinner upgrade will allow you to charge the boulder up before it disconnects which will send it spinning towards enemies tracking them where ever they go. It’s a goodSmash Hit Review Gameplay upgrade because it ensures that your boulder does damage while you focus the chain attack on someone else. The last two basic upgrades are those that just make his attacks stronger. The Junkyard Dog upgrade allows the boulder attacks to do more damage, and the Junker upgrade allows chain attacks to do more damage. Through using the basic attacks you will learn if you like to play with the boulder or with the chain. Once you decide you’ll be able to choose your specialized attack path.

If you like the Boulder attacks, then you’ll want to follow the Bolder Boulder Path. If you like swinging a chain, you can use the Chain Champ Path. Neither path is all that useful. However, if you like your boulder attacks then the Bolder Boulder Path is for you. The Heap upgrade will allow you to charge the boulder up for your next attack by holding the Attack 2 button down. You probably won’t notice it, but the next boulder attack will deal extra damage. The Better Together upgrade will give you a temporary armor increase when re-connecting the boulder. Again it’s another upgrade that you probably won’t notice the benefit of. The last upgrade in the path is called Catch! If you hold the Attack 1 button while connected you can throw the boulder at an enemy. After it hits the enemy it will spin on the ground for a while. Unfortunately it won’t follow the enemy like a Spikey Spinner attack, so it’s a matter of preference if you want high initial damage or slow long term damage.Smash Hit Review Thump Truck The Chain Champ Path will increase your chain attacks. The G’Day! upgrade will give you the ability to pull yourself into an enemy with the chain. This has a longer range that the normal chain attack so you would want to do this to continue to attack the enemy with the chain. The Cut Loose upgrade will make the next attack a critical hit after disconnecting. This will help you deal a little more damage, but you probably won’t notice when it happens. Finally the Earth Currents upgrade will allow you to pull enemies into the spinning boulder. However, if you use the Spikey Spinner attack, the boulder will follow the enemy anyway. Also the area of effect to pull enemies in is very small, so it’s almost a waste of time to try this attack. Smash Hit’s soul gem ability is called Down, Under. It’s not very flashy and it’s also not too useful. However, if you are near some enemies when you re-connect your boulder, you can use this attack by holding the Attack 3 button down. This will cause Smash Hit to to slam his boulder down, causing a huge explosion under him. Unfortunately the radius of the attack isn’t very large, so it will only work if you are very close to some enemies. When it does work though it is pretty powerful.

Smash Hit’s signature vehicle is the Thump Truck. At first glance you might think that the Thump Truck would be pretty slow. I mean how many Monster Trucks, Dump Trucks, Cement Trucks are full of speed? Well, Thump Truck can look like any of these types of trucks with the right mods, but all of them have a high top speed. The acceleration is really low, but once you get up to speed, Thump Truck can race with the best of them. When it comes to attacking, Thump Truck is no slouch. His main attack is the Under Punch. This is an odd looking attack, as a stone fist will explode out of the ground to punch the enemy vehicle. What’s stranger is that if you target an air vehicle, the fist will actually rise Smash Hit Review Thump Truck Gameplayout of the ground higher and punch the air vehicle. It does a lot of damage too. But what is more devastating is the Bush Booster. This attack transforms the front end of Thump Truck into a giant drill. This drill will deal massive damage to anyone it hits. It slows Thump Truck down a lot too, so it’s not very good to use in a race, but during the adventure, it’s a monster. The only thing that can damage Thump Truck in that mode are projectile weapons. So the Thump Truck turned out to be a lot more powerful, a lot more fast and a lot more fun than expected.

Overall Smash Hit is a great new Skylander. He doesn’t have a lot of good upgrades, or a lot of flashy attacks, but the attacks he uses are very unique. Having the boulder spin after enemy after enemy as Smash Hit attacks some one else with a chain is not an attack style that many other Skylanders Share. Even spinning the boulder around with his basic attack is pretty powerful since he can do it as long as you hit the button. He is very susceptible to attack though, his low armor may shorten his time on the battlefield especially until he gets some of his upgrades. When paired with the Thump Truck, I think you get a pretty good combination of Earth Skylanders. The Thump Truck is both great to use in the game, in fighting, in racing, and as a toy in real life. The uniqueness of Smash Hit and the abilities of Thump Truck make this pair easy to recommend.

SkylanderNutts gives Smash Hit…                8.0 out of 10
SkylanderNutts gives The Thump Truck  9.0 out of 10

Smash Hit Review with Thump Truck (Video)

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