"Feather the Storm!"

Stormblade is a fearless daredevil with an unquenchable thirst for adventure! From the moment she left the nest, Stormblade had always pushed the boundaries, seeking to travel further than anyone had ever gone. At a young age, she made the bold leap off of her home island and plummeted through the deep blue sky in an attempt to find the bottom of Skylands – only to find no such bottom existed. This did not fulfill her curiosity, nor did it sway her belief there was something else beyond the limits of her world. Soon she built a custom ship, the Sky Slicer, and raced to the furthest reaches of Skylands in search of its end – but no end could be found. She wanted answers, and so she came to the one person that could help her – Master Eon. The Portal Master instantly saw the unquenchable thirst for exploration that resided in Stormblade, and asked her to join the Skylanders on a very special mission that would take her through the uncharted rifts between worlds!

Stormblade is a new SuperCharger Air Skylander debuting in SuperChargers. Her signature vehicle is the Sky Slicer.

Stormblade Review with Sky Slicer (Video)

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    Card Stats
In Game Stats
Attack:100  Max Health220
Defense: 150  Speed50
Speed:270  Armor6
Luck:180  Critical Hit6
  Elemental Power25


All Attacks
Feather Blade ThrowPress Attack 1 to throw a feathered blade at an enemy.Free
Steeled WindsPress Attack 2 to perform a twirling blade dash forward damaging enemies in your path. Hold Attack 2 to continue dashing.Free
Cyclone SurgePress Attack 3 to jump into the air and damage nearby enemies.500 Gold
Storm DivePress Attack 2 while in the air to dive down and damage enemies underneath you.700 Gold
Fan of FeathersPress Attack 3 to jump into the air and throw a spread of feather blades at nearby enemies.
Prerequisite: Cyclone Surge
900 Gold
Feather BarrageHold Attack 1 until fully charged, then release to throw multiple feather blades out in front of you.1200 Gold
Wind Warrior Path
Wind WallSteeled Winds and Cyclone Surge now destroy projectiles. 1700 Gold
Sharpened WindsSteeled Winds now does more damage.2200 Gold
Down DraftSteeled Winds now slows enemies that are hit with it.3000 Gold
Blade Dancer Path
Fist Full of FeathersPress Attack 1, Attack 1, Attack 1 while in the air to throw out a feathered blades at enemies below you.1700 Gold
Storm SaisFeathered Blades become upgraded Storm Sais that do more damage!2200 Gold
Feather the StormTap Attack 3 repeatedly to cause a hurricane underneath you that damages nearby enemies.3000 Gold
Soul Gem Ability
Feather WeatherHold Attack 1 while in the air to create a blade storm and rain down hundreds of blades on nearby enemies.4000 Gold



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