Stormblade Review with Sky Slicer

Stormblade Review with Sky Slicer

Stormblade Review with Sky SlicerStormblade is a new Air Skylander for Skylanders SuperChargers. She has always been one to push boundaries. At a young age, she jumped off of her home island and plummeted through the blue sky in search of the bottom of Skylands. She found that no bottom existed. But she wasn’t done, she decided to build herself a fast airship: the Sky Slicer, as she was determined to find the boundaries of Skylands. Again she couldn’t find an end. That’s when she sought out Master Eon for answers. He saw her unquenchable thirst for exploration and asked her to join the Skylanders for a very special mission through the uncharted rifts between worlds.

Stormblade is another bird creature in Skylands, but unlike the other bird creatures, she is built on pure speed. Her figure shows her in motion as she is probably never one to sit still. She has blades in both hands and many more adorn her wings like feathers, giving her plenty of ammo in a battle. Her purple and pink feathers and relatively skinny body are the only clues that she is a female character until you hear her talk in the game. She also wears some sort of racing suit and a very aerodynamic helmet which both indicate that she is ready for speed. She lacks any armor except for her helmet and what appears to be some knee-pads on her knees. Her figure is a good representation of her because she is very fast but at the cost of having low armor and health. It represents her gameplay well.

Stormblade’s two free basic attacks are two of the best basic attacks you could expect to have for a Skylander. Her first attack is the Feather Blade Throw. Stormblade Review with Sky Slicer Stormblade gameplayShe uses the blades from her blade tipped feathers and very rapidly throws them one at a time at the enemies. The blade flies straight and won’t seek it’s target, but it flies with such speed that even a shot from across the battlefield reaches the target as if she was standing right next to it. She can also reload and fire again as fast as you can hit the button. Her second attack is called Steeled Winds. It’s another dash attack that many characters use, however, it again is extremely fast and very quick to reload and dash again. She would give High Five a run for the speed demon crown. Her third attack upgrade is also very useful. It’s called Cyclone Surge and it will allow her to jump into the air and damage nearby enemies. It’s a decent attack but it quickly gets improved with the Fan of Feathers upgrade. This upgrade adds a spread of feather blades to be thrown at nearby enemies while in the air. This can easily take out a number of smaller enemies who begin to surround her. She has a couple of other upgrades but they don’t add much benefit over the attacks already mentioned. The Storm Dive upgrade allows Stormblade to dive and damage enemies after she has jumped in the air. It’s basically the same thing as her Steeled Winds, but it can be started out of a jump. It’s slightly useful if you want to dash after jumping some of the shock attacks and waves of projectiles which come from some of the larger enemies. Her last basic upgrade is called Feather Barrage and by holding the Attack 1 button until charged she will dash back and forth while throwing multiple feather blades in front of her. It’s fast and slightly wide, but in the time it takes to charge, you could probably just throw the same number of blades yourself, so it probably won’t get used much.

When it comes time to specialize her attacks, you can choose the Wind Warrior Path or the Blade Dancer Path. The Wind Warrior Path upgrades her Steeled Winds attack. We did not choose this path but it sounds very good for the fan of the dash attack. The Wind Wall upgrade will allow the Steeled Winds attack and Cyclone Surge attack to Stormblade Review with Sky Slicer Sky Slicer Gameplaydestroy projectiles. The Sharpened Winds upgrade adds more damage to the Steeled Winds attack, and the Down Draft upgrade will now slow down the enemies that are hit by the Steeled Winds attack. If all you want to do is dash, this is the path for you. We chose the Blade Dancer Path because she already throws her blades so fast that we wanted to see how much more they could be improved. The Fist Full of Feathers upgrade allow you to throw blades while in the air that will also hit enemies below you. Right before she falls from her jump she throws a handful of blades at the ground in front of her which damages everyone nearby. The Storm Sais will upgrade the Feather Blades to do more damage. Finally the Feather The Storm upgrade enhances the the Cyclone Surge by adding the ability to tap the Attack 3 button while in the air to create a hurricane beneath Stormblade that will damage enemies she flies over. These upgrades are OK, but if I had to do it over, I’d probably go with the Wind Warrior Path. Finally, if you find her soul gem you can unlock the Feather Weather upgrade. With this upgrade you can hold the Attack 1 button down while in the air to create a storm of blades that rains down on nearby enemies. It doesn’t do a lot of damage in a concentrated area, but it can take out a wide range of small enemies with ease.

Stormblade’s signature vehicle is the Sky Slicer. It’s an Air elemental Sky vehicle. At first glace it looks a little boring. Stormblade Review with Sky Slicer Sky Slicer SuperChargedIt’s basically a one piece jet with some sharp looking wings. It certainly matches the bladed look of Stormblade, but it doesn’t do anything special as a toy, and it looks like it would just be fast in the game. Well, it is fast in the game, and that is pretty fun. The handling is also pretty good which makes tracking down and shooting down your enemies an enjoyable experience. Her roll ability is also quick and responsive and allows you to dodge missiles quickly and get right back on your target. The Sky Slicer’s main attack is similar to Stormblade’s. It shoots feathered spears which fire rapidly and do a good amount of damage to it’s target. The secondary attack is called Pidgeon Flock Missiles. You can lock on and shoot several missiles at your enemy. This does some pretty heavy damage. You can also hold the button to lock on, and fly around and lock on to multiple enemies before releasing the button and shooting down multiple targets at once. This became one of my favorite Sky vehicle attacks.

Overall Stormblade is a must have new Skylander. She is extremely fast, and her speed is her power. Her speed is used well as a defense by dodging attacks and getting out of danger. It also provides her power. None of her attacks deliver one devastating blow, but she can deliver several hits with her blades in just a couple of seconds. The combination of damage from these attacks can be very large. Put all of it together and she can take down enemies quickly and safely. In the air, she’s equally as powerful. The Sky Slicer is fast enough to win almost any race, and the ability to attack multiple enemies at once with the Pidgeon Flock Missiles makes it a force to reckon with. It’s a great vehicle to use during those star challenges in the adventure and a fast vehicle to use to win the Sky races. Both Stormblade and Sky Slicer are must have SuperChargers.

SkylanderNutts gives Stormblade…        9.0 out of 10
SkylanderNutts gives The Sky Slicer  9.0 out of 10

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