Wave 4 Trap Team Skylanders Now Releasing

Wave 4 Trap Team Skylanders Now ReleasingIt looks as though, Wave 4 Skylanders are starting to hit store shelves. I know this seems a little strange since many Wave 3 characters never really showed up at some stores. It seems like the blame for a majority of that and the delay of Wave 3 and 4 Skylanders has to do with the port strikes on the west coast. The strikes have since been resolved, but reports claim that it could be up to six months until all of the ships that have been parked off the coast can effectively offload all of their goods. Despite that, new characters are starting to hit store shelves. I wonder if companies have started either shipping through other ports, or using air-mail or what. I was at my local Toys R Us today and they had 90% of all of the new characters for Wave 4. They even had Bat Spin and High Five, which I thought were supposed to be in Wave 3, but never showed up. I also saw a few of the traps that were supposed to be in Wave 3 like the Totem design and snake design. I also stopped by Walmart and Gamestop but they did not have any of the new characters. Walmart did have the Tidal Wave Gill Grunt & Gill Runt two pack as well as the Full Blast Jet-Vac & Pet-Vac two pack. Both of those two packs are exclusive to Walmart. Expect these Wave 4 characters to start showing up at your favorite retailer soon!  

Here is what appears to be in Wave 4. We’ll have an Epic Unboxing soon!

Trap Masters

Knight Light
Knight Mare
Short Cut

Core Skylanders

Rocky Roll
Bat Spin
High Five

Mini Packs

Life Mini Pack with Barkley & Whisper Elf
Air Mini Pack with Breeze & Pet Vac
Eggscellent Weeruptor (Easter Variant)
Power Punch Pet-Vac (Easter Variant)


Air Sword
Dark Sword
Dark Upside Down Guy
Earth Upside Down Guy
Fire Spear
Life Sword
Light Rocket
Magic Rocket
Tech Upside Down Guy
Undead Spear
Earth Bunny (Easter Variant)

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