Short Cut

Short Cut
"Cut to the Chase!"

Short Cut was renowned for making the finest clothing in all of Skylands. With his magic shears, no thread was too thick, no cloth was too bunchy, and no pattern was too hard to follow. But one day, a fleet of flying sailing ships appeared overhead, crewed by raucous Skeleton Pirates. Having plundered a cargo of golden yarn from fortunetelling soothsayers, their leader demanded that Short Cut stitch together a magic hat that would tell him the futures of everyone in Skylands – or suffer the consequences! Not wanting to see his work used for evil, he bravely snuck onto the ship that night and sewed the pants and shirts of the sleeping pirates together so they were unable to fight. Short Cut then used his magic shears to cut the sails and wrap them around the ship, preventing the pirates from escaping. His brave actions caught the attention of Master Eon, who quickly made Short Cut a member of the Trap Team, where he now uses powerful Traptanium Shears to cut evil’s future short with every snip!

Short Cut is a new Undead Trap Master for Skylanders Trap Team.

Short Cut Video Review

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Meet Short Cut w/Chill Bill


    Card Stats
In Game Stats
Attack:240  Max Health280
Defense: 80  Speed70
Speed:240  Armor18
Luck:0  Critical Hit80
  Elemental Power39


All Attacks
Traptanium ScissorsPress Attack 1 to snip away with Traptanium ScissorsFree
Phantom PuppetsPress Attack 2 to summon puppet minions who attack enemies.Free
Cutting FrenzyRapidly press Attack 1 to go into a cutting frenzy.500 Gold
Nether NeedlePress Attack 3 to shoot a Nether Needle and pull enemies you hit in closer.700 Gold
No Strings AttachedCut a Puppet's string with Traptanium Scissors to make it faster and more powerful900 Gold
Cut Through WorldsHold Attack 1 and release to cut open a rift into another dimension.1200 Gold
Scary Seamster Path
Treacherous TangleEnemies realed in by the Nether Needle are tangled up in thread.1700 Gold
Super SnipsEnemies tangled up in thread take extra damage from Scissor attacks.2200 Gold
ThreadsplosionAfter an enemy becomes untangled, an explosion occurs doing extra damage.3000 Gold
Puppet Master Path
Go Out With a BangPhantom Puppets explode before disappearing, damaging anything around them.1700 Gold
Puppet PopulationCan summon more Phantom Puppets at a time and all do extra damage.2200 Gold
Paging Dr. PuppetsPhantom Puppets can heal you after damaging an enemy.3000 Gold
Soul Gem Ability
Scissor StiltsHold Attack 1 and press Attack 2 to walk on the Traptanium Scissors like stilts, damaging anything in your path.4000 Gold

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