"Let's Make Some Noise!"

Echo lived in an undersea kingdom that was built around an enormous oyster shell, and at its center was the Pearl of Wisdom. Every day water dragons from all around the kingdom would come to ask questions of the Pearl. Because this was a sacred ritual, anyone living near the Pearl were required to speak only in whispers. This was challenging for Echo, who lived directly next to it. She had a gift – and it was loud – and often got her in trouble. One day, a gang of sea horses known as the Aqua Jocks rode into town and claimed the Pearl for themselves. They cast an unbreakable bubble around it and began dragging it away with enormous chains. The nearby water dragons, who had been quiet for so long, were unable to even call for help. Then Echo appeared – and with her loudest sonar blast, she shattered the bubble and blew the sea horses out of the kingdom! Her heroic actions caught the attention of Gill Grunt, who recruited her as a Skylander. Now Echo sounds off against evil all throughout Skylands!

Echo is a new Water Core Skylander for Trap Team.

Echo Video Review

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Meet Echo w/Chill Bill

Power Play: Echo


    Card Stats
In Game Stats
Attack:50  Max Health270
Defense: 200  Speed50
Speed:60  Armor42
Luck:90  Critical Hit20
  Elemental Power46


All Attacks
Siren ScreamHold Attack 1 for a Siren Scream, damaging enemies.Free
Bubble BombsPress Attack 2 to create explosive bubbles that move to the beat.Free
Sonic SlamPress Attack 3 to create a sonic slam, damaging enemies on the ground.500 Gold
Pitch ControlCan hold the Siren Scream notes for longer, doing more damage.700 Gold
4-BeatDeploy up to 4 Bubble Bombs at any one time, which now do extra damage.900 Gold
SubsonicSonic Slam now creates an aftershock that deals extra damage. Prerequisite: Sonic Slam.1200 Gold
Bubble Up! Path
Bubble ShieldHold Attack 2 to protect yourself in a bubble that absorbs damage until it pops.1700 Gold
Power PopAll Bubble Bombs do MAXIMUM damage at an increased range.2200 Gold
Burst My BubbleWhile in a Bubble Shield, press Attack 3 to make it explode and damage nearby enemies. Prerequisite: Bubble Shield.3000 Gold
Singalong Path
Ultimate Pitch ControlHold Attack 1 indefinitely for an never-ending Siren Scream.1700 Gold
Scream OutQuickly press Attack 1 again after a Siren Scream to deliver a powerful shout attack.2200 Gold
UltrasoundHold Attack 3 to charge the Sonic Slam attack and unleash another, more powerful burst.3000 Gold
Soul Gem Ability
Call of the SirenUse Siren Scream on a Bubble Bomb to put enemies in a painful trance.4000 Gold

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