"A Storm is Coming!"

Epically strong and heroically competitive, Thunderbolt grew up on legendary Mount Cloudpierce. Every year, his people held a contest to determine who would wield the Storm Sword – a legendary blade with the power to change the seasons in Skylands. To Thunderbolt, this would be a great honor. But on the day he won the contest and was about to be presented with the sword, a Frost Mage snatched it and plunged all of Skylands into a wintery deep-freeze. Undaunted, he bravely took chase. Riding twin bolts of chained lightning, he overtook the mage, reclaimed the sword, and restored balance to the weather systems in Skylands. For his heroic actions, he was made a member of the Trap Team, and he now uses his Traptanium Storm Sword to strike evil at every turn!

Thunderbolt is a new Air Trap Master for Skylanders Trap Team.

Thunderbolt Video Review

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Meet Thunderbolt w/Brawl and Chain


    Card Stats
In Game Stats
Attack:140  Max Health410
Defense: 250  Speed60
Speed:100  Armor48
Luck:70  Critical Hit30
  Elemental Power25


All Attacks
Traptanium ThunderswordPress Attack 1 to swing the Traptanium Thundersword.Free
Storm CloudsPress Attack 2 to summon a cloud that rains pain down on enemies.Free
Lightning CloudsCharge up Storm Clouds with the Thundersword, causing them to shoot lighting.500 Gold
Hurricane PainPress Attack 3 to summon a Twister.700 Gold
More ThunderTraptanium Thundersword does more damage.900 Gold
Hurricane Pain RemainsTwister lasts longer, does more damage, and sucks in cloulds. Prerequisite: Hurricane Pain.1200 Gold
Power Conductor Path
Direct CurrentPress Attack 1, Attack 1, HOLD Attack 2 for Power Conductor combo.1700 Gold
Thunder ThrustPress Attack 1, Attack 1, HOLD Attack 3 for a Thunder Thrust Combo.2200 Gold
Just Add LightningPress Attack 1, Attack 1, HOLD Attack 1 to add some lighting power to your sword slam.3000 Gold
I of the Storm Path
Stormier and StormierAll lighting attacks have extra range and do increased damage.1700 Gold
Charge It Up!Charge up Storm Clouds with the Thundersword with extra power.2200 Gold
Exploding CloudsStorm Clouds can be overcharged with lighting and explode for maximum damage.3000 Gold
Soul Gem Ability
Lighting Rain!Hold Attack 1 and then press Attack 2 to call in a lighting storm.4000 Gold

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