Wave 4 Characters Starting to Hit Shelves

Skylanders Superchargers Logo wave 4Today I found the first signs of the Wave 4 characters at Toys R Us. My local Toys R Us had all of the vehicles on store shelves, but surprisingly they did not have any of the characters. In fact I noticed they had very few of ANY characters. They had Legendary Bone Bash Roller Brawl, Big Bubble Pop Fizz, Legendary Hurricane Jet-Vac and that was about it. They were strangely short of SuperChargers characters. They had a lot of the older games characters still and a lot of vehicles, Legendary Sky Packs and the Nintendo Dual Packs, but just not many of the single characters. But that may just be my local store, I’ve heard stories on the internet of people finding the Wave 4 characters at their local Toys R Us, so it might be worth a trip. Also this week, Toys R Us is running their popular Buy 1 get 1 40% off. This seems to coincide with every new release of Skylanders characters so take advantage of that if you can. When you look at the list of new characters in Wave 4 below, you’ll notice that a lot of them are characters that have already been out in other packs. Astroblast and the Sun Runner could be had in the Sky Racing Pack, and Hot Streak and Spitfire come with every non-Nintendo release of the game.

Here is what is expected to be in Wave 4.

New SuperChargers

Bone Bash Roller BrawlBone Bash Roller Brawl

New Vehicles

Hot StreakHot Streak
Soda SkimmerSoda Skimmer
Spring Ahead Dive BomberSpring Ahead Dive Bomber
Sun RunnerSun Runner
Tomb BuggyTomb Buggy

Multi Packs

Land Racing PackLand Racing Pack
Dual Pack 4Dual Pack 4
Kaos Trophy
Kaos Trophy Pack


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2 thoughts on “Wave 4 Characters Starting to Hit Shelves”

  1. Amazon has Skylanders Super Chargers Land Racing with Double dare trigger happy and Gold rusher. Reg. price $34.99. Prime members
    $27.99 with free shipping.

  2. This is true. Amazon also has Eggcited Thrillipede, Spring Ahead Dive Bomber, Bone Bash Roller Brawl. It looks like they have most of Wave 4 now.


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