Soda Skimmer

Soda Skimmer SuperCharged

The Soda Skimmer is a rip-roaring, rapid riding machine! Running entirely on jet-potion and built with an indestructible inflatable material called "Bafloon" (created by Pop Fizz himself), this vehicle has all the right ingredients!

The Soda Skimmer is Big Bubble Pop Fizz's signature vehicle in Skylanders SuperChargers.

Big Bubble Pop Fizz and Soda Skimmer (Video)


Soda Skimmer Stats, Attacks and Mods
StatsWeapon and Shield Upgrade Costs
Soda Skimmer StatsSlot 1300 Gold
Slot 2350 Gold
Slot 3400 Gold
Slot 4450 Gold
Slot 5500 Gold
Alchemic AdmixtureTap Attack 1 to launch a crazy potion.
Shake and ChangeTap Attack 3 to mix up a new crazy potion.
Performance ModsSpecialty Mods
Gushing Geysers+5 Top Speed,
+5 Acceleration,
+5 Handling
Inner Beast Tube+10 Handling
Bobbing Blast+10 Top SpeedPontoon Mixers+15 Top Speed,
-5 Weight
Twist-off Twisters+10 AccelerationCarbonator+10 Top Speed,
+10 Acceleration,
-10 Handling
Booming Bubbles+300 ArmorFizzy Floaters-300 Armor,
+20 Handling
Horn Options
Pressure BlareFizzled FoghornParty Pop!Caffeinated Jitter

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