"Ready, Set, Glow!"




While on a secret mission in troll territory, Astroblast crash landed on a remote island where he stumbled upon an ancient relic not seen in thousands of years—a legendary Rift Engine. These magical machines were believed to have the power to travel through the portals between Skylands and other worlds! Shortly after the discovery, an army of trolls appeared on a nearby canyon ridge and quickly charged toward him. Knowing that the Rift Engine would be very dangerous in the wrong hands, he pulled out his pulse laser and prepared to defend the relic against the incoming horde. After an epic shootout, the trolls fled in defeat. When Astroblast then brought the relic back to his ship, the Sun Runner, it surged with power and a hologram of Master Eon appeared. Eon thanked him for saving the Rift Engine and beckoned him to return it to the Skylander Academy. He accepted the invitation and was made a Skylander shortly thereafter.

Astroblast is a new Light element SuperCharger for Skylanders SuperChargers. His signature vehicle is the Sun Runner.


    Card Stats
In Game Stats
Attack:175  Max Health180
Defense: 150  Speed35
Speed:165  Armor18
Luck:210  Critical Hit6
  Elemental Power25


All Attacks
Solar FlairPress Attack 1 to fire condensed sunlight which bounces off walls.Free
Asteroid BeltPress Attack 2 to lob a prismatic space rock. Press Attack 1 to shoot the prism, creating an area of lasers that damage enemies in the area.Free
StarsaultPress Attack 3 to kick close enemies and knock them away.500 Gold
Solar FieldFast-moving light particles around you protect your suit, improving your armor. Additionally, Life Skylanders near you regenerate health.700 Gold
Solar PoweredHold Attack 1 to charge up Solar Flair with the light of hotter and hotter suns. Release to shoot a high powered laser at enemies.900 Gold
Space Rocks!Hold Attack 3 to bring down an explosive space rock.
Prerequisite: Starsault
1200 Gold
Cosmic Technology Path
Surface of the SunYour Solar Field heats up and does damage to enemies that get too close.1700 Gold
Meatier MeteorsHold Attack 3 down longer to bring down a bigger (more explosive) space rock.2200 Gold
Star Light, Star BrightRapidly press Attack 2 to fire Solar Flairs at its currently changed level. The change will slowly diminish over time.3000 Gold
Nova Hopper Path
Meteor ShowerHold Attack 2 and release to lob multiple space rocks.1700 Gold
Full SpectrumWhen you shoot a space rock, the dust will last longer.2200 Gold
SupernovaOnce before you lose your last hit point, you will go supernova and gain half health.3000 Gold
Soul Gem Ability
Wool EncountersHold Attack 3 to bring down a space rock inhabited by a creature with its own laser gun set to Blaaaaaast.
Prerequisite: Space Rocks!
4000 Gold

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