Activision Announces Three SuperChargers Dark Editions

SuperChargers Dark Editions XboxFor each of the past two Skylanders games, there has been a special Dark Edition version of the game containing Dark variants of the starter pack characters. Well this year, because there are three different normal versions of the game, there will be three SuperChargers Dark Editions of the game. Both the Wii U and the Wii will be getting their own dark edition because they each come with a different special Nintendo character. 

The Xbox and PlayStation versions of the game, will come with the normal set of dark characters and vehicles. Dark Spitfire, Dark Hot Streak, Dark Super Shot Stealth Elf, and an extra vehicle (over the normal edition of SuperChargers) Dark Sea Shadow. SuperChargers Dark Editions Wii UAll of the Dark Editions will also come with a special Kaos Trophy which will unlock some special in-game content that has not yet been announced. The extra trophy and vehicle should make this an easy decision for any Skylander fan unless you just don’t like the dark edition variants. The price will remain at $99.99 which is what it has been the last two years. That is just $20 more than the normal edition price and it comes with an extra vehicle and the Kaos Trophy.

SuperChargers Dark Editions WiiThe Wii U version will remove the Super Shot Stealth Elf character that comes with all of the normal versions of the game. (Will she even be released as a single character?) In her place will be Dark Spitfire, and Dark Hot Streak. Of course the big draw of the Nintendo versions are the new Nintendo Amiibo/Skylanders. A Dark Turbo Charge Donkey Kong will come with the Wii U version along with a Dark Barrel Blaster vehicle. The Wii version is similar by ditching the Super Shot Stealth Elf in favor of a Dark Spitfire and Dark Hot Streak, but it comes with Dark Hammer Slam Bowser and the Dark Clown Cruiser.

It is worth noting that after the introduction of the Dark Element in Skylanders Trap Team, that these dark edition characters are NOT of the Dark Element and the characters will retain their natural element for gameplay purposes.

Skylanders collectors may have it easier this year with only 40 characters/vehicles to collect, but they are going to have a rough time trying to collect all of the special Dark Edition characters and special Nintendo Characters if the only way to get them is to buy multiple starter packs. Conceivably, you will need to buy six different starter packs to collect all of the different characters. If you wait late in the game’s lifespan, you can always pick up a starter pack for less than 20$. But with Amiibos being hard to find and with all of the avid Amiibo and Skylander Collectors, I am a little worried that the Nintendo versions of the Dark Edition will become hard to find. I guess we’ll find out when the game releases on September 20th.

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