Brawlrus – Villain Review

Brawlrus – Villain Review

Brawlrus - Villain ReviewBrawlrus is a Tech trappable villain that you will be able to capture in the sixth level – Rainfish Riviera of Skylanders Trap Team. Everyone knows that Brawl + Walrus = Brawlrus. But, did you know that Brawlrus doesn’t have any melee or “brawling” attacks? He does however, harness the awesome power of the starfish. He fires a cannon full of damage causing starfish. This damage can be increased by finding his quest shortly after you capture him in Rainfish Riviera.

Brawlrus is one of two Walrus based villains you will catch, and you will capture both in the same level. He is not a Doom Raider, so you will only get two attacks with him. His first attack will fire a burst of tiny starfish from his cannon. Each starfish flies in a straight line from the cannon, but each also does it’s own small amount of damage. If you can land all of the starfish against your target, the combination of damage is very decent. It’s a quick firing, quick reloading attack which makes it pretty useful. However, if you want a bit more damage for your attack, you’ll want to use his second attack. His second attack fires one giant starfish which slowly spins as it goes across the screen. Each time the starfish hits something, it does moderate damage. But it won’t disappear after it hits it’s target, it will keep spinning and keep causing damage as it slowly makes it’s way across the screen. This can be devastating to a line of enemies who are charging right at Brawlrus. It takes slightly longer to reload and there is a slight pause before firing, but it’s a great attack to use if you have the time. These are all of Brawlrus’s attacks, and surprisingly they don’t involve “brawling” at all?

Once you capture Brawlrus, you won’t have long to wait before you can evolve him. His quest is on the same level you capture him on: Level 6 – Rainfish Riviera. Brawlrus - Villain Review SSHis quest isn’t too hard to find. Once you use the crane to help Mags across the river, she’ll open a bridge for you to cross. After you cross you will need to fall down in order to find a bounce pad to get up to a bomb that you will need. Next to that bounce pad is a door into the light house. It’s in there, that you’ll find the quest. The quest does not involve any challenge, so once you listen to the story he will be evolved. Once evolved, his pants and hat, change color from red to light blue. It’s not as easily noticeable or as cool as some other evolved villains. The only benefit from being evolved is that his attacks will do more damage.

Overall, Brawlrus is a pretty good range attacking villain. His main attack is quick to fire, and does some average damage. The secondary attack though, can really be powerful when it’s used at the right time. He may not be overly exciting, and he probably won’t be your favorite villain to use, but he’s definitely worth a look. Use him against slow powerful enemies, and those that charge straight at you in a straight line. I’m still not sure why he’s a tech villain since he uses an old pirate’s ship cannon as a weapon. But I guess he needed to fit in somewhere.

SkylanderNutts gives Brawlrus…

7.5 out of 10

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