Dark Hot Streak

Dark Hot Streak


Dark Hot Streak was made from elemental magma rock and forged in the depths of the Volcanic Vault. With maximum firepower, it is capable of achieving extreme speeds and ready to scorch anything in its path!

Dark Hot Streak is Dark Spitfire's signature Land vehicle in Skylanders SuperChargers.  It will come with all Dark Starter Pack versions of Skylanders SuperChargers.


Hot Streak Stats, Attacks and Mods
StatsWeapon and Shield Upgrade Costs
Hot Streak StatsSlot 1800 Gold
Slot 2900 Gold
Slot 31000 Gold
Slot 41100 Gold
Slot 51200 Gold
Fire GrillHold Attack 1 to unleash a powerful stream of fire to heat up your enemies.
Nitro BlazePress Attack 3 to boost forward in a nitro blaze of glory!
Performance ModsSpecialty Mods
Blue-Fire Tires+5 Top Speed,
+5 Handling
Blaze Boosters+10 Top Speed
Road Burners+10 HandlingBlock Broiler+5 Top Speed,
+5 Acceleration
Coal Shooters+150 Armor,
+5 Weight
Volcanic Vents+150 Armor,
+5 Weight
Speed Demons+10 AccelerationWind Flares+10 Acceleration,
+5 Handling
Horn Options
Searing SnarlerFire CracklePop SnapperSemi Blaze Horn

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