King Cobra Cadabra Unboxing and July Giveaway!

King Cobra Cadabra unboxingAll right we are back with another giveaway! This month we are giving away King Cobra Cadabra. If you would like to win this special variant of Cobra Cadabra then leave a comment on our YouTube video letting us know you’d like to win. The deadline is July 30th at 11:59 PM EST. You must be 18 or older to win and live in the US, so kids make sure your parents enter. Please read all of our sweepstakes rules here:

We’re still looking to hit 1000 YouTube subscribers so we can giveaway a new copy of SuperChargers, so if you want to learn more about future giveaways, please subscribe to our YouTube Channel! You can also follow us on Facebook to keep informed. Also, if you enter the giveaway remember to check your YouTube messages in early August to see if you are a winner.

Please note: this contest is not sponsored in any way by YouTube, Skylanders, or Activision.

Watch our King Cobra Cadabra Unboxing and July giveaway video below!

King Cobra Cadabra Unboxing and July Giveaway!

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