Head Rush, Bushwack, and Tread Head @ Toys R Us

Head Rush @ TRUToys R Us sent a special e-mail out today notifying people that, Head Rush, Bushwack and Tread Head were now available in store for Skylanders Trap Team. Apparently these Skylanders are only available at Toys R Us at the moment. But a quick check of the Best Buy website shows a couple of those Skylanders and a Kaos Trap. However they are not yet in stock. So if you really want these characters now, check your local Toys R Us, and if you wait a little while you’ll probably find them soon at your favorite retailer.


I just returned from my local Toys R US, and they had a lot more than what the e-mail mentioned. I’d say they had the full on Wave 2 Skylanders available early. I picked up:

Lob-Star, Head Rush, Bushwack, Fist Bump, Fizzy Frenzy Pop Fizz, Full Blast Jet-Vac, Hog Wild Fryno, Tread Head, and about 2 more traps per element. Toys R Us definitely has the most variety of single traps. Also, even though Toys R Us is the most expensive retailer, they are running a buy one get one 40% off on all characters, software and accessories for Skylanders. And single traps are buy one get one for $1, or about $4 each. Not too bad of a deal. And in case you weren’t counting, that is now all 5 of the returning characters that have been released. We’re only missing a magic Trap Master in order to be able to play all of the game outside of the “?” areas.

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